Work Engagement Profile

Work Engagement Profile

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Improve your organization's bottom line through increased employee engagement

Two kinds of factors shape employee engagement: (1) extrinsic rewards, such as pay, benefits, promotions, awards, and so on, and (2) intrinsic rewards—meaningfulnesschoicecompetence, and progress, psychological rewards that fuel engagement by providing a positive emotional charge. The Work Engagement Profile provides unique insights that can directly affect an organization’s bottom line because it addresses work engagement at the core level—employees’ feelings about the work itself.

The Work Engagement Profile Interpretive Report offers a graphic presentation of scores and a personalized analysis of results. It measures four intrinsic rewards – meaningfulness, choicecompetence, and progress—that individuals receive directly from their work. Interpretive information for the scores of each intrinsic reward includes building blocks for improving and strengthening that reward. The Interpretive Report concludes with a detailed Action Plan worksheet for developmental planning. Use the Profile in your work with organizations to help develop engaged employees and contribute to the improvement of the organization’s effectiveness and overall performance.

Notable features of the Work Engagement Profile Interpretive Report include:

  • A personalized interpretation with appealing graphics
  • Explanation of the four intrinsic rewards that influence employee engagement
  • Explanation of the four intrinsic rewards that influence employee engagement
  • Important discussion points for employee and manager



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