#TheRealMVP - Single Mom Raising a Phenom - eBook
#TheRealMVP - Single Mom Raising a Phenom - eBook
#TheRealMVP - Single Mom Raising a Phenom - eBook
#TheRealMVP - Single Mom Raising a Phenom - eBook

#TheRealMVP - Single Mom Raising a Phenom - eBook

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Earn Your Stripes As a Sports Mom

No one ever talks about the struggles or the "how to make this easier or better" in the sports mom world. From Filming games, standing up to sports parents bullies and all out "crazies"; to managing social media and researching schools - this book covers it all. The author - Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux learned so many tricks of the basketball mom trade that when she sat still for a minute she elected to write the book everyone has encouraged her to write.

"This book is not about me but it's about helping the single mom on a limited budget with limitless effort and creativity. I made it and so can you!" - Jennifer drJ Thibeaux

100% Real Talk

The youth sports basketball world has enough phonies! I felt the need to add what was real out there so that you could see a real example of what is right over what is just plain wrong. For instance - wasting a single mom's money is just plain wrong. That's unconscionable in my book. I share examples of the fast-paced journey of raising my basketball phenom in a sometimes ill-gotten environment.

Moms - We dropped the price of this book just to deliver this product to as many single moms on the same fixed budget Jennifer found herself in. We want you to be able to read this, hopefully pick up a new trick of the trade, and go be the best mom to your own sports phenom possible. We found creativity fed the journey far better than money. But money is important, so I talk about how to prioritize the dollars you have along the journey with examples.

Jennifer -  "The Going got Tough... so I got GOING"

There's nothing like bonding with moms from different teams at a team hotel out of state at the one laundry room on the floor (with 3 good washers and dryers) at 2am! Does that ring a bell basketball moms? I can remember feeling so proud to be among a group of such strong women! We're a group you don't mess with! We're willing to slum it out in the laundry room to protect our kids uniforms, and get on with a positive tournament experience. Basically - that group (me included)....we didn't leave anything to chance. Sleep was not an option if your child needed something. It's about being ALL IN.  

Authored by: Jennifer drJ ThibeauxGoing through youth sports is not only a trying experience for the athlete - it does a number on the mom! Over 50% of kids in sports are being raised by a single mom. Inspired by the Wanda Durant story of raising Kevin Durant and his other siblings in the youth sports world, Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux shares her personal experiences of how she did it as a single mom with details, resources, and solutions. This single mom's guide to youth sports success is relatable, reasonable, and repeatable! "I wanted to honor the journey by sharing my story to inspire other single moms in their journey"

Winning Starts with Mom​

Life in the basketball mom lane is hectic! Add being a single mom trying to navigate the waters of the youth sports world and then you're talking nerve-wrecking, over scheduled, and undervalued most of the times. I racked up tolls, mileage, and gas like I was a traveling salesman. And I would do it all again WITH the lessons I'm sharing my book. Being a Sports mom doesn't have to be chaotic. Check out the many tips and tricks to help you get something special out of your journey with your child.

You see kids who "made it" - a different path then the rest. That's been our journey. We have followed our hearts, our guts, and our faith to lead us to new plateaus (some we didn't expect as rapidly as they came). My story and my daughter's story was worth me sharing to the single moms and all moms and dads who are interested in wanting something special to happen  during the journey. DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER...