Career Interest Profile (Strong) - College Edition
Career Interest Profile (Strong) - College Edition

Career Interest Profile (Strong) - College Edition

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Helps students evaluate majors and identify career options

Making college life satisfying and rewarding requires both selecting the right academic major and creating a campus and community life that is personally enriching.

The Strong Profile, College Edition, takes the wealth of career interest data provided in the Strong Profile one step further. An additional personalized report helps students explore the path that is right for them by identifying specific college courses, jobs or internships, and extracurricular activities that will allow them to express their unique interests and personal style.

Step-by-step advice on how to evaluate academic majors that fit your interests and preferences provides extra help for college students beginning to prepare themselves for success in the world of work.


  • 6 General Occupational Themes map out broad interest patterns to describe personalities and preferred work environments
  • 30 Basic Interest Scales provide more specific information about your students' areas of interest
  • 5 Personal Style Scales describe a students' preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation
  • 260 Occupational Scales relate a students' interest patterns to those of satisfied workers
  • Plus four pages of highly personalized information to help a student identify college courses, jobs or internships, and extracurricular activities



  • STEP #1 - Purchase this Assessment
  • STEP #2 - Upon completion of your purchase a Digital Download will deliver a PDF with Information about the Assessment and an ACTIVE LINK to take the test. You don't have to take it right away. Take it when you feel comfortable.
    • NOTE: IF you're purchasing this assessment for someone else or multiple people, send us an email with the name(s) of your group; AND forward the download to each person to take. 
  • STEP #3 - Once complete, one of our analysts will review the responses and certifiy the Profile Report. Please allow 2 business days for this step.
  • STEP #4 - We'll email the finalized report to the email address registered to each assessment.