Thibeaux Research

Founded and inspired by the work of Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux, this private research group has grown to be a resource to individual executives and multi-national corporations. Studying the issues that impact the future of business and human development is our area of expertise. Additionally the firm stays true to its founder's roots offering individual and team analytics through comprehensive reporting. We take your information out of silos and apply it to our comprehensive analysis using predictive measurement techniques. For leading edge resources - this is your research group.

RESEARCH PRIVACY STATEMENT: We take the privacy of your information seriously. We follow the ethics standards set forth by the APA (American Psychological Association) and CITI (Collaborative Institute Training Intiative) Program to protect human subjects. Our personality type and career assessments are well researched and validated by CPP, Inc. and our analysts are certified to evaluate the assessments we offer. Your information will never be shared to the public, to your company, family, or friends without your express written consent. We maintain electronic records for a period of 7 years after a minor respondent has turned 18 years, or 7 years after the adult respondent has completed their assessment.