Thibeaux Publishing

When you begin producing your own content, it's very important to own it. That's the driving force behind the creation of the Thibeaux Publishing Division of The Thibeaux Company®. A skill the founder Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux was extraordinary in delivering was content. When others were asleep, she was dreaming up and developing new ways to produce and deliver the content. As she moved into her own entrepreneurial pursuits, she remembered a lesson learned from her Radio & Television family - own your masters.

"We are our products, nothing more, and nothing less" - Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux

The sum total of who we are in business boils down not to what we say we can produce, but what we can actually produce. This division focuses on product idea to fruition for clients. Our work can be seen in 

  • Physical Books
  • eBooks
  • Educational Courses
  • Webinars
  • Audio Blogs
  • Audio Motivational Albums (In the Spoken Word Category)
  • Traditional Blogs
  • Article publishing
Our products are proudly displayed throughout our site and worldwide. Anything produced virtually, or physically from The Thibeaux Company® is typically produced from this division. Show us some love - Read, Connect, and Share.