The Tech Shop - KURONIX

We are Proud to introduce our technology arm for The Thibeaux Company - KURONIX. Our history as a performance company has created many great relationships among experts and organizations in the technology industry. We have always offered our clients our best recommendation to fill their technology needs. What started out as a project to bring our own technology services in-house grew into a massive "what if" session - WHAT IF we were able to offer these services to our clients as an add-on or even stand alone service?

Through many months of fine-tuning our service offerings and assembling the right team to execute our ideas, we formed Kuronix.

Got a Domain idea? We'll help you get it registered PLUS MORE.

What you get

Kuronix is a domain registration, web hosting and internet services company (and subsidiary to The Thibeaux Company). All of the great services that most people and businesses need to have to operate online such as

  • Domain Registration 
  • Domain services
  • Site Builders
  • SSL & Security
  • Email & Productivity
  • Marketing Tools 
  • and more!

AND we offer our services at an affordable and transparent price. We know you get tired of being lured onto a site by a super low price, only to get to the check out and you're right back to the higher price you never wanted to pay. We believe in transparency in numbers and the ability to keep you as our customer for years to come.

We are proud to offer 24/7/365 support to our customers to make sure you reach your success goals.

Check out the KURONIX difference and you'll never be the same online.

go to our dedicated site at or click below: