At Thibeaux Publishing, Books, eBooks, and Blogs are our specialty. We are an independent hybrid publishing house that offers QTM (quick to market) writing and production services for individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

Our passion is high quality content and getting diverse authors and creators exposure. If the phrase, "you should write a book one day" has ever been posed to you, our response is, "what day do you want to start?" We know that the journey seems dark and filled with windy roads to actually write and publish a book. That's why we formalized our publishing services and techniques to make them available to the public. Yes, the road can be windy. But it's certainly not dark, and quite frankly we've been having a blast getting more authors to the market each year.

Our Featured Books include:


Our Featured eBooks include:


Our Featured Blogs include:

  • The DrJ Blog
  • GOAT Skills Blog
  • All Things People and Performance (retired)
  • Transform You (retired)

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