Most Popular Talks


1 - 2 hours

Don't be the next company or person making headlines. Sexual Harassment in the workplace is serious and cannot be ignored. This education seminar is designed for managers and offers a separate course for employees.

THE 2-HR MANAGER SEMINAR addresses the legal definition and implications of sexual harassment. The seminar defines acceptable and unacceptable behaviors in the workplace; a manager's responsibility upon first notice; and the corporate and legal expectations of managers. The manager's course will meet state guidelines and legal standards.

THE 1-HR EMPLOYEE SEMINAR informs employees of acceptable behaviors in the workplace; the reporting process; and reviews safety and employee expectations.

Both seminars include engagement activities plus a comprehensive exam with a required passing score to receive a certificate of completion (a legal requirement in some states).

ATTENTION EXECUTIVES: It is highly recommended you schedule this course immediately for your entire employee population. The course should be delivered annually to the employee population. If there is no legal requirement for delivery of the course material (some states require in-person training), the seminar can be delivered via webinar broadcast.  


1 - 4 hours

A talk about how to develop as a leader without stepping over the bodies to get to the top. This talk will combine Critical Thinking and Ethical Leadership in the workplace for success.



1/2 day - 3 days

A talk and/or course focusing on the process of developing yourself in business for personal growth. A "knowing" team is a "growing" team. Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux will motivate you to find your areas of growth and to go for it! Tools that can be incorporated into the talk: Personality Type Strengths, Career Psychological Assessments, etc.



1 - 3 hours

A talk focusing on the realities of playing sports and living in the sports world. This talk preps athletes for the harsh realities they may face as a top tier athlete. From balancing life's challenges, to making big time decisions that most of the world won't ever understand - this is the talk you need your athletes to privately experience. Recommended settings are small to allow for open dialogue.



30 mins (Students); 1 hour (Faculty & Staff)

Colleges and Universities must educate all members of their ecosystem on Sexual Assault matters. After studying the influencers of sexual assault including missed reporting, undefined practices and processes, this talk was developed. The goal is to align all members in the school with information, practices, and safety standards. Institutions will improve their culture and proactively address matters of liability. In addition to Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux as the main instructor, other featured speakers and subject matter experts may be added to punctuate the education.