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Hire Us to Measure Your Program's Effectiveness

So you have a program that is funded by sponsors and/or donors? You're in the next phase of your "Big Ask" and want metrics to showcase the difference your program has made? LET US HELP! This is what we do best. We can evaluate the program (or intervention), measure results, make recommendation for improvements, and put you in the best position to meet with Donors and Sponsors. Let's face it, the bigger the dollars, the more the metrics matter. EVERYONE has a "boss" to prove up the numbers. Let us get you to the next level of your program improvement.

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Hire Us to be Your Outsourced Measurement Team

Need something measured at work but you don't know where to begin? LET US BE THERE FOR YOU. We will apply our expertise to your organization for needs and cause analysis, outcome reporting, trend analysis, prediction reporting, and intervention recommendations. Don't go it alone when trying to understand the numbers (or lack of numbers) when trying to hit the mark for success. We're efficient, effective, and the team that allows you to be even better at what you do in  your business.

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Hire Us to Deliver Detailed Information Reporting

Ever look at a new avenue for your business that looks interesting but you don't know enough about that area? Let us do the legwork for you. We have extensive experience in compiling complex and high-level information into an easy-to-understand document. Known for our Diversity Intelligence work with several multi-national corporations, we've expanded our own catalog of work to include hospitality, oil & gas, and insurance to name a few. Don't launch a new initiative or partnership without the right information in the decision-making phase and throughout your business life cycle.

THIS IS A MUST FOR ALL BUSINESSES, but we find that many businesses skip this step believing they know enough. We can deliver 100-page reports or even On-The-Fly executive summaries that give details about a potential business partner. You tell us and we'll go find the information and assemble the information for your needs.

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RESEARCH PRIVACY STATEMENT: We take the privacy of your information seriously. We follow the ethics standards set forth by the APA (American Psychological Association) and CITI (Collaborative Institute Training Intiative) Program to protect human subjects. Our personality type and career assessments are well researched and validated by CPP, Inc. and our analysts are certified to evaluate the assessments we offer. Your information will never be shared to the public, to your company, family, or friends without your express written consent. We maintain electronic records for a period of 7 years after a minor respondent has turned 18 years, or 7 years after the adult respondent has completed their assessment.