Meet Jennifer drJ Thibeaux

Learning and performance expert with strong client service leadership experience spanning multiple industries – airline, real estate, foods, accounting, insurance, cosmetics, finance/banking, broadcasting, and professional sports. Early adopter and leader in delivery of online live, recorded, and asynchronous learning. You will hire me for my work excellence; attention to detail; my ability to deliver on time as promised; and my ability to motivate others around me to do the same. 


The Thibeaux Company | Founder & President

Parent company for business pursuits related to publishing, research, speaking, writing, broadcasting and personal development.

Thibeaux Publishing | Founder & Chief Publisher

Company that oversees all physical, electronic, and audio content for The Thibeaux Company including all digital streaming platforms from production, creation, and art finalization.

The Jennifer Thibeaux Radio Channel | Founder & Host/Producer

Radio Channel hosted on through the long-standing network on Blog Talk Radio since 2011. The slate of shows have hosted some of most legendary sports figures and leaders in the world offering up discussion about hot topics, never-heard stories, and expertise.

Thibeaux Research | Founder & Chief Research Officer

Offering up intelligence and analytics in human performance. This company is a private research group and resource to individual executives and multi-national companies. We are hired to run studies, conduct employee development assessment, return on investment metrics, and much more.

 Kuronix | Founder & President

The technology arm of The Thibeaux Company, Kuronix main offering is Domain and Web Services, SSL & Security, Email & Productivity, Marketing tools, and Extensive Analytics.

Primary Consulting LLC | Founder and Chief Consultant

An employee development company that focused on webinar education through their in-house Web Platform. Primary Consulting LLC was a mainstream provider of employment curriculum.

The Staubach Company (Jones Lang LaSalle)
-- based in Addison, TX USA
ROLE: Director of Training; Diversity Chair


  • Re-vamped all education resources and employee access to include an innovative intranet site, suite of webinar offerings, and asynchronous recorded education;
  • Advised the CEO Roger Staubach, regarding Diversity matters – including representing the CEO and company in diversity councils; forums; and print articles;
  • Co-produced Sales Education Annual Conference (audience: 1200) – organizing over 30 speakers and events for employees – sales to executive leadership;
  • Developed Curriculum and delivered HRD training to include Anti-Harassment, Diversity & Inclusion, Team building, Time Management, and Emotional Intelligence; and
  • Administered over 500 psychological assessments to employees improving sales performance by 44%. 
Deloitte & Touche LLP-- based in Dallas, TX USA; also worked in London, UK, St. Louis, MO
ROLE: Senior Trainer & Technical Writer


  • On the development team producing award winning training for proprietary expatriate remuneration & tax software;
  • Delivered on site training to clients (i.e. Chevron, P&G, etc.) on software products related to expatriate remuneration & tax preparation;
  • Worked with IT Developers and staff to translate technical specs to training updates for clients; and
  • Delivered extensive web learning training courses to international audiences with live language translation.

NCAA – Big XII Leadership Conference
-- Texas, USA
ROLE: Leadership Content Provider


  • During the Fall 2013 Leadership Conference, my published Audio Talk – “Living the Sports Dream in Reality” was distributed to all student athletes attending the annual leadership conference; and
  • Student engagement was high which included connecting with students after the event who provided positive feedback regarding the content helping to prepare the students for their transition.

​NCAA – Student Eligibility Handbook Audio Content

-- Texas, USA
ROLE: Accessibility Project


  • In 2014, I audio recorded and produced an audio read of the NCAA Division I Eligibility Handbook;
  • This was a personal project designed to help parents and students in high school connect with the information contained within the NCAA Division I Student Handbook who may have some sort of visual impairment that may prevent learning the information contained in the traditional handbook; and
  • Made the audio content available to the NCAA to be distributed to their audience. 
Operation HOPE, Inc. 
-- Based in Los Angeles, CA & Dallas, TX USA
ROLE: Director of the Office of Innovation, Research & Assessment
  • Developed and analyzed performance and knowledge assessments regarding youth financial literacy and economic energy;
  • Main Project: Gallup-Hope Index – a collaboration with Gallup Inc to measure hope, wellbeing, engagement, financial literacy, and economic energy grades 5-12 across the U.S.;
  • Worked with and advised executive leadership including school superintendents and financial institution presidents and CEOs regarding youth financial literacy and the connection to youth outcomes;
  • Worked directly with youth to educate and measure performance outcomes in the areas of hope, well-being, engagement, economic energy, and financial literacy.
  • Served as authority on research and data for the organization at International Press Conferences, official White House events, and around the country to financial institutions and public schools;
  • Proudly served youth grades 5-12 across the United States, Canada, and South Africa to help implement and measure education regarding hope, well-being, engagement, economic energy, and financial literacy; and
  • Delivered interpretative reporting to include traditional reports, video explanations, online quarterly updates, and one-on-one conversations with c-suite donors regarding performance outcomes of all education initiatives. 


G.O.A.T. Skills Camp® and GOAT Skills®
-- North America
ROLE: Leadership & Media Content, Education & Event Coordinator

  • Launched and a first of its kind football specialty camp providing sports development education with football hall of famers to train on skill and technique
  • Developed the camp curriculum to offer a dedicated seminar day along with seminar moments in Days 2 and 3 of the camp;
  • Included parents into the camp education to offer a more holistic approach to youth athlete household education;
  • Developed and executed media campaigns to include, traditional (tv and radio), social media, email marketing, and fax campaigns; and
  • Assisted with sponsor conversations and presentations to attract funding for the camp.


Roger Staubach

  • Diversity Intelligence Adviser and Liaison between Roger Staubach and American Airlines


American Airlines

Diversity Research, Strategy & Intelligence, Curriculum & Instruction Strategy and Formulation



    CMMI (Supply Chain) Training Developer & Implementation Lead


      Mary Kay Inc.

      Working with MKI Scientists, Laboratory Information Managements System (LIMS) Software Implementation & Training Lead


        ConAgra Foods, Inc

        Quality Assurance Training Creator & Developer of Asynchronous Learning (Centra)


           AIG, Inc.
          Worker’s Compensation Training Project Manager & Delivery


            National Diversity Council

            Webinar Producer for over 3 years; Corporate Advisory Council Member, Web Learning Presenter


              National Football League

              NFL Internship Program, liaison and transition preparedness for active NFL players. Offered feedback in an advisory role for the purpose of continuous program improvement. 

                Community Colleges (multiple)
                -- Guest Lecturer on Leadership & Diversity Topics


                  EmpowerKing® Leadership Conferences & Development Program

                  Triad Mentorship Model (Co-creator)Developer of Year-long Curriculum for Conference Participants to include assessment, live instruction, and production expectations. 

                  Webinar Education – Primary Consulting LLC (WebEx Training Center)

                  •  Workplace Performance Improvement (Leadership, Conflict, Emotional Intelligence)
                  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
                  • Diversity Intelligence Updates
                  • MBTI – Personality Type Seminars

                  Career Transition for Sports Professionals

                  • Broadcast Bootcamp
                  • Leadership and Transference Skills Prep


                  Book & eBook: Positively Charged [NEW RELEASE]

                  Released 2020. Publisher: Thibeaux Publishing, FL

                  The world is built on positivity - shouldn't YOU be too? The good things YOU want to realize in YOUR life happen when YOU replace negativity with positivity. This is YOUR chance to be the person YOU want to be, to receive the things YOU want in life, and to better YOUR circumstance. Grant YOURSELF permission today.

                  It's time to make YOUR success a reality. This book is designed to supercharge YOUR life. At some point, the burden to carry on with YOUR life the way YOU have been is too heavy to bear. Negativity can weigh YOU down and destroy YOUR chances in life. Stop normalizing bad results for YOURSELF. It's time to take control. This is YOUR life, and it deserves to be stronger and POSITIVELY CHARGED. Prioritize YOU, it's time. BOOK  eBOOK

                  Book & eBook: Become a Social Media Master [NEW RELEASE]

                  Released 2020. Publisher: Thibeaux Publishing, FL
                  Mastering social media marketing and branding is the single-most critical step an entrepreneur and/or business can execute. While most people see the simplicity in social media as posting, adding pictures, sharing, likes, and retweets, there is so much more to it.  A social media platform is a complex software tool, designed by a slew of software engineers and developers that is simply broadcast and made available over the internet. We mistakenly think that because of the ease of use of the tool that the inner workings are simple.
                  Understanding the algorithm and how to use it to your marketing advantage can make the difference between staying in business and closing up shop. In this book we explore the strategies for success to identify your  audience through social media; identify strategies that support your overall business goals; build marketing lists for short and long-term sales cycles; the power of content and sharing, scaling up through target marketing, and investment using profits of your marketing results. We take the mystery out of social media marketing and go straight to the good stuff - the information you need to be successful.

                  Book: Success Simplified 

                  Released 2012. Publisher: Insight Publishing. TN
                  - Anthology with notable authors – Stephen Covey, Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux, Dr. Tony Alessandra, and Patricia Fripp
                  - A collection of authors who have made a trailblazing impact on leadership and success. Jennifer Thibeaux adds her perspective on success in the sports industry.

                  Book & eBook: #Bully - #Woman2Woman

                  Released 2017. Publisher: Thibeaux Publishing. TX
                  - Self-Help book addressing one of the world's most pressing but largely unspoken issues - adult bullying (focusing on bullying committed by woman toward women. 

                  - Based on research and a collection of real-life incidents, the book helps victims of bullying identify the signs and regain their strength through the ordeal by using Principles of Sun Tzu.  BOOK  eBOOK

                    Book & eBook: #TheRealMVP - Raising a Sports Phenom

                    Released 2017. Publisher: Thibeaux Publishing. TX
                    - The ultimate "this is how we did it" book. The book covers raising a high potential youth athlete and how to navigate the waters of club and school sports.
                    - Additionally the book covers the mechanics of supporting a youth athlete such as capturing editing, and publishing film, social media, and the college recruitment process.  BOOK  eBOOK


                      Book & eBook: Getting UNStuck – Vision Book BAE

                      Released 2018. Publisher: Thibeaux Publishing. KY
                      - Self-Help book published to transform the ideas of a Vision Board into practical methods to transform your life
                      - Based on adult education and learning principles, transformed into a digestible workbook that helps readers pinpoint areas of improvement and make the changes.
                      - This is a book you can and should take everywhere to keep your vision and goals in your line of sight and within your reach. Goals happen when you prioritize them.


                      CanDoGo Insights (video based for CRM systems)

                      Topic: Time Management (ten publications)
                      Notable authors participating – Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Tony Parinello, Jill Konrath and Jennifer Thibeaux

                        Pulse Articles Contributor (LinkedIn)

                        Over 30 articles focused on business and professional development topics


                        Voice Work

                        Over 300 hours of voice work completed for clients and personal projects such as converting traditional articles to “audio articles” LISTEN HERE  

                        Online Radio Show Creator and Host

                        - Creating and producing a variety of online podcast-style shows broadcasting through BlogTalkRadio and simulcasting through UStream on topics related to business, leadership, current events, sports, and a Texas A&M specialized show.
                        - Brought on several high-profile guests to include Shaquille O’Neal, Damon Allen, Cris Dishman and others.

                          EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS

                          JURIS DOCTORATE

                          Degree & Specialization: JD, Sports Management & Social Justice
                          Northwestern California University School of Law
                          - May 2024 (anticipated

                            DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY

                            Degree & Specialization: PhD, Training & Performance Improvement
                            Capella University
                            - 2013 

                              MASTER OF ARTS - EDUCATION

                              Degree & Specialization: MAEd, Curriculum & Instruction – Adult Education
                              University of Phoenix
                              - 2007

                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

                                Degree & Specialization: BBA, Marketing
                                Texas A&M University at College Station, TX
                                - 1996

                                CURRENT BOARD ASSOCIATIONS & AFFILIATIONS

                                • HELP Consulting Inc., HELP-SJI (Ambassador)
                                • SafeBeat Business Advisory Board (Member)

                                PROFESSIONAL & COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS

                                • American Bar Association for Law Students (ABA)
                                • Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA)
                                • The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University, Endowed Century Club Donor
                                • National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)
                                • Nonfiction Writers Association (NFAA)
                                • United Negro College Fund (UNCF)


                                • MBTI® – Myers Briggs Type Indicator®
                                • Strong Interest Inventory
                                • 15+ Psychological Assessments related to leadership, conflict, communication, organizational teaming, etc.

                                  SOFTWARE AND APPS

                                  Live Broadcasting/Podcasting

                                  • WebEx (Live and Training Center products), Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Centra, GoToMeeting, Blog Talk Radio (BTR), UStream, Periscope

                                  eLearning Authoring

                                  • Captivate,, Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, Lectora Inspire, QuizMaker, GoAnimate!, Bravo!, Brainshark

                                  Learning Management Systems

                                  • Centra, Captivate Prime


                                  • MS PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote

                                  Video Editing

                                  • Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro