The Jennifer Thibeaux Radio Channel

We don't get another chance at communication once the moment has passed. In 2011, Jennifer Thibeaux began her foray into Podcast Radio as well as Live Streaming Broadcasts and simulcasts. Focusing primarily on sports and current event topics, she was able to interview some of the world's most fascinating guests such as Shaquille O'Neal, Damon Allen, John Sharp, and more. Using the platform for more than entertainment, Thibeaux was able to extend her reach into social justice and activism for the purpose of making a difference.

Relaunching the Channel in 2019
While the channel archives have remained active in Apple Podcasts and other podcast hosting services, The Thibeaux Company has relaunched an active broadcast schedule of shows in 2019. The goal is to keep you listening, talking, and coming back for more. 

The wildly popular sports category show hosted by Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux and Dr. Preston Rich. They're teaming up again for another wild ride in the radio podcast world. Nothing is off limits and everything will be talked about from sports champions, to scandals, to everything in between. Tune in for the latest from two hosts with "2 Much Sense".

   Next up in the lineup is The DISH Happens Podcast with hosts Cris Dishman and Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux. In partnership with GOAT Skills, fresh topics from a Greatest of All Times lens. We get into behind the scenes insight and guests that are sometimes rarely heard on podcasts. We'll cover sports from high school to the Pros and we're covering all sports. This is your place for all things great sports.

Also in our show family is The Sports Plug. This show is designed to be your connection to all things outside of the lines of the field, track, court, etc. We're bringing sports topics that help the rising athletes and their support system along the way. We cover everything from competitiveness, sports trends, and resources that help an athlete grow to elite status.

Podcast Channel Pitch
A set of weekly sports shows produced by The Jennifer Thibeaux Radio Channel. Sports Gumbo at its finest. Join us each week as we use our sports minds to talk all things sports in the real world. You're going to want to sprinkle our topics on everything! Grow while you listen and collaborate with experts on the pressing issues that make us talk, think, and learn from each other. This isn't your mama's podcast and we're not scared to really talk about what matters most. No matter the sports level or even the sport we'll get into it.