Your Internet Stake in the Ground

In business I've seen people value a business card over a business plan. Buy a custom suit before they have an office space. Begin speaking in "we" when they have no employees or contractors. Yes the business of faking it until you make it has been alive and well for quite sometime. And yet the sun still rises and sets on people conducting real business. 

Okay now I know that sounds harsh. I do mean to call it like it is because like the real business people I've been blessed to conduct business with, when it comes to faking business, "aint' nobody got time for that"! I can't fake a check and deposit it. I can't put fake food in my family's real mouths. Nope, faking it won't make anything real happen in my life, it's called real work, doing real business. 

I've been blessed to pull together some amazing business professionals to manage my technology arm of The Thibeaux Company - Kuronix. I started that division with one real intent - to offer affordable business tools and resources that could really help to establish and run a business. As a consultant I've had many small and emerging businesses come to me for advice and consultation. Many, and it's many more than I can count did not have their business tools in place.  

Let's Talk WWW Dot 
Alrighty, this is a double edged sword because much like a business card, a website is a stake in the ground that reflects the type of business you are. So much of the world is turning to the web for advice, shopping, communication, and entertainment. I wrote an eBook, "U Are What U Tweet Dot Com" that basically spelled out the reasons to be on social media, and the right way to represent yourself online. The same holds true for websites. If you have a business, you should have a website. Kuronix offers not only domain services but web hosting. website templates, and a host of other web services. I wanted to create an easy atmosphere for upgrading your business on the web. 

Who Owns Your Name? 
Well of course your own identity is yours, but online, who owns that identity? One of the first things I did after my child was born was purchase a domain for her - Not because I wanted to do something with it immediately, but I wanted her to have a domain that was unequivocally hers. I did the same thing for myself and my businesses. I wanted to be sure that I controlled my own identity and branding online.  

What is online? 

Have you bothered to take your first and last name and place a dot com after it to see where it goes? If no one owns it yet, shouldn't you? Imagine all the good that comes of your use of your name online. Imagine all the things that may happen with the use of your name in the wrong hands. Yes it's a defensive move just as much as an offensive move to secure your own name dot com.  

Ownership of your intellectual property (all things online and electronic) is one of the smartest moves you can take. Yes, you need to formalize businesses with local, state, and federal agencies AND you need to secure your web presence. Building a brand is more than a business card. Building a website allows an opportunity for you to be thoughtful about your business and products. Building your online stake in the ground becomes your springboard for your business future. 

Okay, it wouldn't be right to tell you these great things, and not give you an offer. I'm in the business of Kuronix these days and I'm darned proud to be able to control the affordability of the products! I've dropped the pricing on many of our services for a limited time to help with your internet stake in the ground. Check out Kuronix, give my team a call, and let's get you moving in the right direction. It's a great place to check out domain availability and get your own stake in the ground. 

Looking forward to our team becoming a part of your dream! Now let's get out there and #ShockTheWorld. 

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