Your Grandmother Was Right

One of my grandmother’s and even mother’s favorite phrases when faced with my watery hazel eyes and the question,”why are they being mean to me?” was to say, “baby, they’re just jealous!” Comedians have made many jokes about that particular phrase making light that your mom or grandmom are always protectors. The funniest part of the phrase is that they were right!
I used to ask that question a lot. I wondered why then (and yes even now), people thought it was okay, and almost necessary to make comments or take action to try to degrade my spirit or slow my progress. I’ve had a lot of experience with it, which means I don’t let it slow me down anymore. I do however shake my head. Each second of this life we have, we have a chance to put energy to the activity of our choosing – WHY would you elect to place energy into someone else’s demise? It says a ton about the bully if their choice was not to uplift themselves but to work to derail someone else. Maybe I’m too focused on my own rise so that I can effectively help others, but it’s such a loser’s plan to be a bully. Twenty-four hours each day we’re given. I’m hopeful those hours, minutes, and seconds are spent on positive activities that raise up individuals (that will raise up a community).
Transform yourself, don’t work to deform or defame someone else.
Bullying tactics happen in all forms and at all stages of life. For those of you getting picked on, keep doing your thing and keep doing what you do. The bullies will fall by the wayside because that sort of activity is not sustainable. Bullies’ attempts reveal the person they are. Make certain your activities reveal who you are – a positive person impacting your community in a positive way. Best advice passed down in my family, “be the good you and let the bad them waste their time”.
Leave no place for bullying in your life. Zero tolerance. Has someone tried to bully you? How did you handle it? What did you do? Let me hear your thoughts.
BE AMAZING! #ShockTheWorld

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