Writing a Book - Is It That Easy?

I’ve often times been asked to help write a book for someone or with someone. The mystery of book writing is up there with the the existence of "Big Foot" to most people. I understand there have been tons of books out there to tell you how to write and publish your own book. Why does my article have a place? Because with all that beautiful knowledge flowing through the universe, people still have questions and they’re stuck.

Writing a Book is Either Altruistic or Egotistic or Is It?

How many times have you been told, or you’ve told someone else, “you should write a book”? It’s that phrase that is stuck in the annals of generations past when books meant everything and there was no YouTube, SnapChat, etc. Life is a series of ups and downs – for everyone. The idea that one person’s life is interesting enough to characterize in a book is a conversation all on its own. Let me say that I personally love when anyone shares their story. I don’t care who you are or what you do; each person’s story is a puzzle piece to a larger narrative. If we exclude some of the pieces, do we ever really get a chance to understand the “bigger picture”? If I could influence anything connected to this topic it would be to the naysayers and critics that posture, “why would you write a book”? We’ve got to stop being so judgmental on the "why" and start learning other people’s stories. To answer my own sub-title – writing a book is neither altruistic or egoistic – it is necessary.

Books Re-Imagined

Books about people’s lives have been re-imagined in the form of social media. We have a chance to give up-to-the-second information about our lives. We can showcase at the ground-level what is happening to us and what makes us tick. Is that smart? It all depends on what you’re after. Any words drafted tell a story. Traditional books allow the reader and the writer to have perspective about a collection of experiences. Social media showcases individual acts and allows the reader to determine the perspective. Is that dangerous? Well yes it could be. Can someone make a determination about the type of person you are in a tweet? I hope not! People are so complex and multi-faceted that their own narrative is much larger than one posting. Imagine if you were having a bad day and posted a few messages that reflected your mood. A reader seeing that for the first time and nothing else may conclude that you’re a rude person. Perhaps the larger narrative is that you are rude – but if it’s not the case a small unit of writing can truly reshape the perception of you as an individual and your place in this puzzle called life.
Does that mean we don’t do social media? I would never suggest that. I would suggest that you treat social media like a tiny book that if someone only gives you one day of their time, how would you showcase yourself as a person.

Social Media – Blogging – Writing a Book

There is an order to writing. I truly believe you must master your skill in social media first before you move onto bigger writing projects. People struggle to write a book because they have not developed their skill as a writer. Begin to master 140-character limits first (social media). Then move onto more blog-style writings (on a consistent basis). The beautiful effect of writing is that it forces you to reflect and organize your thoughts. It forces you to slow down. In other countries like Australia, they utilize the Action-Reflection Learning method which allows for periods of reflection and writing about what the student has just been taught. Imagine having to reflect and write about an Algebraic equation! Seems crazy or ground-breaking? Writing forces thought. Your thoughts are like a muscle. The more you work them the better they will be able to perform. So yes that means social media is the warm-up for your thoughts. Blogs are the weight program with small weights. Books are the heavy weights and advanced cardio programs.
You will burn out of your book writing momentum if you’re not conditioned to write
Gyms make billions from people who bring their good intentions into the wrong step in the process. Master each step first before you move onto the next. Writing a book is not a race, it's a journey.

Easier Said Than Done

If you want to write a book, your social media must be focused on that content. It’s time to get organized. If you still want to post your food for the day, then find a friend and unload your camera roll on them! Social media is your baby step to larger writing projects for people with aspirations of writing. The magic formula?
The magic formula is your commitment.
When you truly want to write a book you’ll take the time to develop yourself as a writer (and not until then). This is one of those big sister moments - go out there and actively pursue what you say you want to do. Our stories - all of our stories are important. I truly believe we've not scratched the surface of knowing our fellow man because our fellow man may not understand themselves as an individual. Take the time to develop your thoughts and let's get writing!

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