Who Is Upgrading You?

The songstress Beyonce Knowles made the song “Upgrade U” wildly popular in both her 2006 Album release “B’Day” and when it was used in a DirectTV commercial during commercial season of high profile sports events. The song was written as a role reversal from societal norms – in this case, the woman is “upgrading” the man!
What I found so fascinating about the song is that it spoke to the fact that someone was identifying that the other person could do better with them! Well there’s a lot there. First, the implications are:
  1. the woman knows who she is,
  2. where she’s going, and
  3. definitively who she wants to go there with.
How many people can say that they have as clear of an understanding about their own life? We’re often times so quick to be passive about our own life that we forget to be active thinkers and strategists. The reality is that nothing significant can happen in our lives unless we have that clear understanding of self. Socrates said it best, “know thy self”. Hundreds of years later the statement made by one of the most lauded thinkers of in history is still true.
Secondly, the statement of “let me upgrade you”, implies that the woman has gotten to a point of strength that she feels as if she can carry the weight of the direction of the relationship….DEEP! I see so many people (men and women) give away their power and their voice to their significant other. I’m not advocating an imbalance as the song implies. I advocate having an equal voice. The power of a relationship rests firmly in what power each person is able to bring to the relationship. Without both people bringing their best self to the table, the relationship will be one-sided and eventually unhealthy.
The moral of the story and song…the best person and truly the only person that can upgrade you is yourself. You can’t even do it for someone else. People have to be active in their own progress. Have you ever tried to “upgrade” someone? How did that work out? Let me hear your thoughts.
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