Where AMAZING Comes From

I’m always talking about #AMAZING every single day. I know many people wonder about the hashtag and my choice of words to describe just about everything. My undergrad degree is in Marketing, but this is much more than marketing “speak”. Here’s the story:
I have had a series of events that have shaped and defined the world I share with my network of family, friends, and fans. It is fundamentally who I am so here’s the quick version:
  • born at just 7-1/2 months cooking in “the oven” – a strong preemie that defied the odds
  • experienced the highs of elite gymnastics that allowed me to pursue my big dream – competing in the Olympics
  • attended Texas A&M University – the place that changed my life
  • executed peaceful civil protests as a student activist – skillfully learned how to influence sweeping change
  • buried my dad on Christmas Eve in my sophomore year at TAMU – made the Dean’s List the following Spring – graduated in 1996
  • survived cervical cancer thanks to early detection and amazing doctors
  • survived a flight that experienced extreme engine failure
  • put myself through my Masters and Doctoral programs as a working single parent
  • orchestrated a hunger strike to raise awareness of ethical behavior and standards in chambers of commerce – it sparked dialogue with university ethics departments around the world
  • spoke at official White House events in the U.S. regarding my research on youth factors connected with success
  • presented at global press conferences to introduce new information and tools available to improve youth outcomes
  • published books, video series, audio works, and numerous articles regarding my work, findings, and personal motivation
  • developed and hosted several career changing leadership conferences for attorneys, entrepreneurs and executives around the U.S. using my proprietary triad mentoring model (co-developed with Robert Johnson)
  • as a single parent, raised one tough daughter to excel in school and basketball – she’s currently attending IMG Academy
  • Gearing up for a busy 2017-2018 that will include published books, speaking engagements, and more.
So that’s the reason for #AMAZING. At each point I could have not persevered and the outcomes would have all changed. I feel as if my life has been like walking on a tightrope – taking my time, being careful to stay balanced – and making it to the other side. #AMAZING is my way of saying thank you for this life, I’ll take it – I know where I came from – the obstacles I have overcome and I’m ready for the next challenges.

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