U Are What U Tweet Dot Com

Several years ago I wrote this eBook on Twitter and how to use it…or not use it. I wanted people to understand the ins and outs of this new form of 140-character communication (now 280 characters). What I got in the process was an education of massive proportions.

My Process

I studied the existing Twitter accounts that were successful and some that were surprisingly not to crack the code of “twitter success”. Additionally, I began tweeting like crazy! Every little thing about my day I tweeted to understand the impact of the message. Would people re-tweet it; follow me back; reply to me? I wanted to know the impact of the message along with the impact of the timing of the message. There are some people who believe that timing is everything – I believe there is more to it than just timing.

As the Process Continued

I realized that my constant tweets (like several in an hour) were all so random that my followers couldn’t consistently get on board. You see at the time I had a production company; was hosting a couple of radio shows; was still conducting private research on human performance technology; booking speaking gigs; was a single mom raising an active child; and the list could go on. Accepting the fact that my circumstances were unique, I realized that one person could not relate or be interested in all the facets of my life.

Light Bulb Moment

I decided to segment my Twitter accounts so that the messages were clear. I created an account for my production pursuits. Therefore all of my documentary filmmaking projects and messages were placed in that silo. I did the same for all of my other interests that I knew I had enough material to tweet often. When it was all said and done I had 10 Twitter accounts (I know Twitter would hate to hear that). I went from having one to managing the messages on 10 accounts – talk about an undertaking! I enlisted the help of Social Media Manager Sendible which opened a new world of ideas about messaging.

Messaging with Strategy

Having a partner tool like Sendible allowed me to give some real thought about messaging, timing, campaigns, etc. The simplicity of saying Good Morning consistently became a breeze because I could schedule the messages. If there was a product or event I was promoting, I could develop messages ahead of time (with real thought attached to the messages). This was a game changer. It took some powerful long few days to craft the messages and schedule them…but what’s days compared to the year-long messages that were then pre-planned and scheduled? Suddenly I was now free to monitor my social media because the work of the messages was already done.

I Became a Social Media Manager

Instead of messages on the fly all of the time, I was able to look at a dashboard of messaging for myself to build a brand in each of my 10 social media accounts. Yes it took work. Yes it took focus – but I got so far ahead of the competition because of the strategy and tools I incorporated. I built those accounts to connect with audience for two main purposes – connect with people I wanted to do business with; and connect with people who I wanted to sell my product or service. For me the end-game had a business focus on all of the accounts.
Now let’s get back to the basics – U Are What U Tweet dot com, right? This implies that you own and live up to the words you message. It also implies that if you are not on Twitter (in particular) your brand is not well developed in a medium that does count for something. Tweets are searchable – meaning internet results can pick up your words. Say the right thing and this is a good thing. Say the wrong thing and you’ve got your work cut out for you. Say nothing at all and the internet search results will return nothing…and more than likely nothing is not what you want.

Be In or Out

If you step into the Twitter game know what you’re getting yourself into. Twitter allows 280 characters per message – and you get to decide the message. Wouldn’t it be worth your while to send the right messages? I see people posting a variety of seemingly contradictory topics in the same 24 hours:
  • I love cats
  • I hate my ex boyfriend
  • Praise my Lord and Savior
  • See what I’m doing at work
Look familiar? Gosh that’s hard for one audience to keep up. With Twitter messages like those above, you’ll lose audience more than you will gain them. My recommendation – simplify your message, keep it consistent, and leave the grudge matches off Twitter. Using a Social Media manager helps you slow down and think – one of the best secret weapons you can use in Social Media. And if you do in fact want to send mixed messages – tools like Tumblr are more personal and allow for the better expression of messages. It’s a blog tool and will give you a chance to explain yourself beyond 280 characters – what most people (who endeavor to rant) want to do in the first place.
Okay I have tons more on this topic. Feel free to message me or let’s schedule sometime to talk to your group about being strategic and effective on Twitter. Be good to yourself and your Twitter account today!

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