Tired Of Looking For Work And Not Getting Ahead

COVID-19 has been the biggest bully in employment history laying off and changing the way people work all over the world. If you were among the millions who lost their job during the pandemic, you've witnessed the frustration, downs (with very few ups) of working to get a new job. Bottom-line, there's more job applicants than jobs out there. If entrepreneurship isn't your thing (and in times like this, that's understandable), then you've got to grab a coveted job from the applicant saturated market. Easy? No! Doable? Yes.

Looking for a job in today's struggling economy can easily be a daunting task, to say the least! It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged...where do you start? If this is the position you find yourself in, then take heart! This article was written with you in mind!

Think about what YOU can offer a company. Of course, you want a job, and any job will do, but you need to provide value as well. That's why you should come up with a succinct summary of what you can do for the company you're interviewing with. It's a smart way to show that you're interested in making a contribution. And I'm not talking about the generic fluff that appears as the crown at the top of most resumes. I'm talking real value - how will you make the company more money, gain more customers, serve a pressing problem?

Ask friends or parents for advice on what they did to get their job. Sometimes, you will find new techniques that you can incorporate into your job search. Also, you can use these people for contacts to specific people or a company when you are trying to land your job.

Figure out what kind of resume you want to use. There are different kinds of resumes, and each one is a little better for certain positions. For example, you may want to use a skill based resume if you are making a jump from one industry to another. The right kind of resume will highlight the most appropriate things about you, to get you an interview.

Job seekers with a significant amount of experience on their resumes may benefit by using the functional resume form rather than the chronological resume format. The functional resume lists major experiences and accomplishments right at the top rather than listing all experiences and accomplishments in chronological order. You could create several functional resumes to target different types of jobs.

Take a test drive before your next interview. One of the worst things you can do is arrive late to your interview. Avoid this by making a trip to the location well in advance. This will ensure you know exactly how to get there so you can be on time the day of your interview.


Interviewing via phone or online call? Make sure your device is charged and your signal is good. Also, by all means log in to the technology at least 10 minutes early. You'd be surprise how stressful a last minute Operating System update can be if you wait until the last second to log in. Also make sure your surroundings are neat and clean, free of extraneous noise, and with good lighting. It's human nature to like talking to people in well-lit rooms, versus a darker room. Sure it's all purely psychological, but hey, you need to put your best everything forward for the interview!

Don't underestimate the power of a simple thank you note after an interview. It doesn't need to be flowery or long. A simple 'thank you for your time and consideration' is enough. This note will show that you appreciate the individuals who interviewed you, as well as proving that you are willing to take time to do things thoroughly. Not an email! A note. Pen to the paper, and say thank you. In times like this you need to stand out. Why bother to say thank you in a crowded room (aka, a flooded inbox)? The quick thank you note mailed to the interviewer(s) goes a long way.


Keep in mind that finding a good job can take some time. Do not give up if you are not finding what you want right away. Consider taking a job that pays well even if this is not what you want to do so you can support yourself while looking for a better job. It's okay to take a job as a stepping stone to the next opportunity. I always say, there are no mistakes in your career path - just lessons and moves!

It is no understatement to say that trying to find a job in today's job market can often make even those of us with the lengthiest of resumes feel insecure. But with a clear plan of action and some useful tips under your belt, you stand a much better chance of landing the job you want! Practice in the mirror, deliver when it counts! We wish you success in your job search. 



Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux is an American author, publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur. Leading The Thibeaux Company®, drJ hopes to impact human performance in a variety of industries. Working with executives and key influencers in Fortune 100 companies, drJ has developed a keen sense of performance in action. Earning business and education advanced degrees, drJ continues to insert intelligence into the performance conversation. Hosting and appearing on a variety of radio shows, podcasts, and other broadcast mediums, drJ has no "stop" in sight. To find out more about Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux or products and projects from The Thibeaux Company®, be sure to visit www.Thibeaux.org.

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