The Right Practice Makes Better

What is loaded in the old saying “practice makes perfect”, is the idea that you can actually get to perfect. I come from a sport where you strive for perfection. A perfect ten reflects perfection, but what was perfect in one competition can always be topped. That’s life. So the pursuit of perfection is the constant pursuit of better.
What you practice is what you’ll improve.
That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re improving something good. Remember there are many bank robbers who became the best at what they did…and that doesn’t make their practice a good thing. The foundation therefore is on practicing what’s good. And therein lies the rub – who decides good? You decide, and only you. I find that peer pressure can influence people to practice behavior and acts that are not good for them or society. This karma society has people practicing acts and behaviors that make them good or even better at something that perhaps isn’t a good thing.
So let’s go back to the premise, what you’ll practice is what you’ll improve. Before you practice anything, you have some decisions to make.
#1 What are you trying to be better at in your life?
#2 What does being better at that thing(s) mean to you?
#3 What happens if you fail to become better at that thing(s)?
#4 What prevents you from becoming better at that thing(s)?
Lots of questions that deserve answers BEFORE you start practicing something. The last thing you want to do is to improve something that doesn’t help you in life.
Prime example, there’s people in this world who are really good at being bad people. That took practice. They didn’t just end up being that way one day. They worked at it. Practice is work. It is the commitment to refine an act and/or behavior. It’s not just about if you’re willing to put the work in. It’s also about what you’re trying to accomplish.
Where is your better going?
That’s where you move from unintentional to intentional in your life. No matter the number of years 50 or 100+, life is short. Taking actions without regard to intention is a slippery slope that produces slippery results. To take charge of your better you have to take charge of your intentions. You do that and you’ll practice those things that help you in life. Be better at what makes you better. Be better at what makes the society in which you live better. Practice that, and you will end up in a positive place.

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