The Point of It All

One of my favorite songs is by Anthony Hamilton, "The Point of It All". I hear that and whatever I'm doing stops. I am taken to this magical place of defining the true center point of what I love about life. While Anthony Hamilton is singing about the love of his life (a woman), it can truly be this amazing metaphor to what is your purpose in life. 

When you are your happiest is when you're in the zone of your purpose and your calling

I've spoken about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs a great deal on this blog and in other platforms and mediums - there's no getting around the fact that there are levels to this thing called life. At the bottom level, we're contending with being in survival mode - we can't even entertain our purpose in life. As you live long enough you realize that real life sometimes will thrust you into survival mode. What I would encourage everyone reading this post is to fight like hell to advance beyond survival mode. Your purpose in life cannot be revealed, developed, and shared with the world when you're preoccupied with survival.

There's a painful benefit to being in survival mode.

Yes I said it, a 'painful benefit'. I've had some textbook survival moments in my life and I can guarantee you I did not see the benefit in the midst of the struggle. I asked a ton of 'why me', but the thank you for the struggle came on the other side. I believe the struggle allows you to come out stronger on the other side as you're growing to and through your purpose.

The next level requires mastery from the last levels - and that's earned and learned.

Life is a stair step of events, and if we don't master the level, we circle back until it's mastered. Think of steps on a staircase. Sure you can skip steps as you climb by taking bigger, deeper, stronger and longer strides. In the end you didn't skip the work, you learned how to master climbing! The outcomes that are worth your personal satisfaction take work - and sometimes that means hitting a bottom and then climbing.

No matter what you've dealt with - disease, displease, or unease - that bottom has a springboard.

I was a gymnast. Timing is everything in that sport. The interaction with the springboard is no different. Your feet, body, and mind must be in concert and ready for the impact and trajectory that a springboard will place you on. We cannot say we want change if we aren't truly ready for that impact.

Sometimes people who cry out, 'I want change' really mean 'I don't like where I am right now'.

There's a BIG difference between those two statements. The latter hasn't taken the time to figure out where to next - they just know they're unhappy where they are right now. That's a great first step, but change - long-lasting and meaningful change requires a commitment to a direction and a new endpoint.

As you get to know the level you're on, with a goal to move up and forward in life, prepare yourself for the entire journey and by all means get ready for the springboard that creates the bounce! Let me hear your thoughts in the comments and let's learn from each other.





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