The Jennifer Thibeaux Radio Channel

It doesn't get much better than having a platform by which people can connect and share. One of my main goals in the world of podcasting has been to offer new voices and perspectives. I've produced and hosted podcasts for almost a decade interviewing some of the world's most fascinating people while discussing some hot topics. Never a dull moment, and I've decided to come off hiatus and bring The Jennifer Thibeaux Radio Channel back to the forefront. 

The shows have been in Apple Music and iTunes Podcasts for several years. They will remain there and many other places including the home of all of our products at I'm excited about this 2019 "go around" because I've learned a ton, expanded my networks, and quite frankly I have even more to say (yes it is possible)!

Under the brand will be the shows I produce and/or host and co-host including, drJ Unfiltered, the DISH Happens Podcast, and a few more surprises so stay tuned. If you're commuting, check out our shows. We're connecting topics to sports in some way and making it hotter than before we talked about it.


Official Channel Description
A set of weekly sports shows produced by The Jennifer Thibeaux Radio Channel. Sports Gumbo at its finest. Join us each week as we use our sports minds to talk all things sports in the real world. You're going to want to sprinkle our topics on everything! Grow while you listen and collaborate with experts on the pressing issues that make us talk, think, and learn from each other. This isn't your mama's podcast and we're not scared to really talk about what matters most. No matter the sports level or even the sport we'll get into it.





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