The Birthplace of Unhappiness

People wear their unhappiness on their tongue

Ever notice that unhappy people have unhappy conversations? Yes, it’s true, if you were to take count of the number of complaints that stem from unhappy people you’ll realize that the culprit may not be their target but actually them! Bottom-line, when human beings are unhappy, they tend to feel unhappy in every aspect of their lives. It’s like unhappiness is a heat-seeking missile that is on a mission to destroy all facets of the unhappy person’s life!

 First thing’s first – recognize it in the people around you. Unhappiness is contagious….and it tends to spread like wildfire if you’re not careful. Second, create space between yourself and those unhappy people. And finally, work like hell on your own happiness. Nothing makes you more bulletproof than your own happiness.

Enjoy the journey…

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