Stop Whining

Nothing and I do mean NOTHING is worse then listening to an adult whine. And then when that adult goes on and on….geeeshh…I just feel sorry for them.

First let’s get some things straight. Complaining is constructive; it’s directed to someone who can actually do something with the complaint.

Whining is unabashedly offered to powerless people who love to commiserate. I spent an unfortunate few hours with a bunch of whining adults on Sunday who just couldn’t see the rainbow from the storm. And whine for what purpose? I am still scratching my head!

We are given a chance to make the most out of our day. We are given the wisdom of our years of experience each day of our lives. To throw it away and act like life hasn’t happened and you haven’t seen this before is asinine.

People wake up with self-righteous expectations that everything good must be simply handed to them.

Guess what….good things happen to people who work to make good things happen. A good life is work – it should be enjoyable work, but work all the same. To pay a few dollars for an event that didn’t meet your expectations…grow up. Make the most out of it. Make it better. Don’t just whine about it. Why waste the breath and brain cells? What a twisted lesson for young people when adults demonstrate they can’t work out their angst constructively!

Proud to report I enjoyed my day. I enjoyed making the unexpected day a great one. I have always enjoyed puzzles and when life throws you a curve ball…I enjoy that puzzle. Heck today I had great sales in my small businesses…what did I need to whine about? I enjoyed spending the day with my daughter and experiencing the day clearly God meant for me to experience – now that’s “the life”. When you find yourself around whiners, I encourage you to move around. Whiners are siblings to Gossips…don’t make it a family reunion! Enjoy life and find the pieces to the puzzle that complete the picture.

Until next time…

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