Speaking the Corporate Truth

We work inside some corporate cultures where it is not acceptable to speak the truth. The culture defines the direction of the organization. Why an organization would knowingly accept a culture of deceptions is beyond comprehension. And yet, those cultures exist everyday. The difference-maker is that most people keep mum about the deceptive culture. Most people don’t call it what it really is. I mean really, it would not be a very attractive company to new hires if they knew the honest truth. So we bend perception little by little until reality is a distant memory. All that is left is a culture no one can truthfully talk about.
I recall my first job out of college. I had many familial ties to that company so I walked in the door knowing many people at all levels of the company. I never really made it known because I wanted to fit in and be recognized for my talent versus my connections. In the first 3 weeks of employment I had heard so much about how bad it was at the job. Most of the complainers didn’t know I knew everyone in the company – HR execs, division presidents, and even the CEO. One day one of the local HR reps visited the office. I pulled her to the side and remarked, “there a lot of unhappy people here”. I was really concerned that I had make a mistake with the offer I chose to accept (I was so green back then). I remember the rep explained to my 21-yr old self that one minute their complaining and the next minute those same people are referring their family member to work there too! I learned a valuable lesson – the truth is hard to find in the corporate world if the truth is not enforced. Somehow that culture made it acceptable to openly complain but then continue to work. That puzzled me. I came from a place that says, “if it’s that bad, leave!” Yes I had much to learn as I started my corporate career.
While the fantasy of this type of culture may not seem too bad, reality hits everyone over the corporate head when corporate change occurs. When major changes happen, speaking corporate truth is a requirement. You can’t responsibly make changes without honest communication.
The time has come for corporation organizations to stop running from the truthful culture that can make them great. Mergers, acquisitions, major improvements, new lines of business all require that everyone is on board and willing to take it to the next level.
The truth is the only foundation that can bear the fruits of change.
How does your organization handle corporate truth? What’s your corporate culture? Let me hear your truthful thoughts.
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