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Organizations tend to mean so much more to you when their cause touches you. It is human nature to care for people and circumstances in which you can relate. The March of Dimes was founded on January 3, 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt named at the time, "National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis". It was founded to specifically address Polio in children. It is indeed the very organization that funded Jonas Salk's vaccine that helped to virtually eradicate the disease from children. Expanding beyond Polio, in 1976 renaming and branding the organization to March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, the organization sought to help improve health of babies and their mothers impacted by a variety of birth-related defects and diseases.

I had always known of the March of Dimes, but it was at a distance for me growing up. I was a preemie, but a healthy preemie. There were no stories about life-saving efforts to fight a defect or disease. My brother (who created havoc while in the womb) was born a healthy baby boy (and a very handsome one I might add). My surroundings didn't show me the value of the organization - because I didn't bother to understand all that they did for everyone. You see, I like my brother had the Polio vaccine and neither one of us had Polio. Sometimes we can't begin to appreciate the non-event of a disease - but it is thanks to the work and support of the March of Dimes.

Fast forward to my own birthing moment. I was blessed with a daughter who had no health issues. I was just a mom watching her little bundle of joy coo, ooh, and poo! While home in the early months of her life, I happened upon a Reality Show that showcased NICU emergencies and family matters. It was there I saw the reality of what happens when the baby and/or mom is faced with crises. Wow, I used to literally watch the show holding my plump baby with tears streaming down my face. You don't realize what can happen until it happens to you or you see it happen to someone else you know. When I returned to work I had a chance to add a charity for a payroll auto giving campaign, I knew of no better organization than the March of Dimes. The support and research that the March of Dimes contributes to birthing is what created my own great experience as a mother.

Celebrating the non events are sometimes just as important as the "so-called" great events in our lives. Healthy babies and moms are connected to the tireless research, methods, science, medications, love and care that the March of Dimes gives back to us.

It's not just about giving to help when things go wrong, it's about giving to help things go right. 

There are so many ways to contribute to the March of Dimes. A great start is to go visit their website

You will find ways to get involved from Advocacy; to Volunteering; to Research; to more. I can promise you that once you understand their purpose mission, and reach, you'll jump to get involved in as many ways was possible. Time, talent, and/or treasure - that's what the March of Dimes needs from each of us. Please join me.



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