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ALL THINGS POSSIBLE - You cannot begin this post, or endeavor to make a difference with The Brigance Brigade Foundation without believing in those words. From the pages of the bible in Matthew 19:26, to the real life personification of that omnipotence, it is O.J. and Chanda Brigance believing and inspiring our belief. The Brigance Brigade Foundation is a charitable organization designed to benefit the caregivers and support system of people with ALS. There is so much to the Brigance Brigade Foundation - for me it's very personal.
It all started at Willowridge High School and it started before I got there. There was this talented student athlete named O.J. Brigance who showed tremendous football potential. At that time I was a few years younger but the same age as his younger sister Myla Brigance. I had only heard of this O.J. guy, but I got to know his mom and sister. My best memory of Mrs. Brigance is always smiling, always caring. She would look at you like you were her child too... just an all out caring woman. And then there was Myla, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. Here was this great family of super nice people who were part of the support system of O.J. Brigance growing into his football greatness. And he did just that. While I was in high school, O.J. Brigance attended Rice University in Houston, TX. After college football, he wanted to pursue a professional football career. In 1991, O.J. was undrafted and also undeterred. O.J. went on to play professional football in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and then the National Football League (NFL) as a Linebacker for over a decade logging in a slew of awards and oh yes, a Grey Cup Championship (CFL) and a Superbowl Championship (XXXV) with the Baltimore Ravens. After retiring from playing professional football, O.J. remained active in the community and sports world working with the Baltimore Ravens. In 2007 O.J. Brigance was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease) - ALS. ALS is a motor neuron disease and is eventually fatal. 

O.J. Brigrance and his wife Chanda together embarked on the greatest championship season of their lives - activism for ALS. Never have I seen tears from my classmate Myla, always optimism. Recognizing the challenges facing the caregiver and families supporting their loved ones, The Brigance Brigade Foundation sets out to raise awareness and funds to support an ALS family's needs. Chanda and O.J. are persistent, and resilient, and the champion of champions for a cause. Through their tireless work they have breathed new life into families and research efforts to find better outcomes; better resources; and that "one day" where ALS is no more. Their energy and passion for helping others is what has always drawn me to support the foundation as much as possible. 

I want you to please take Six Minutes and watch this video from The Brigance Brigade Foundation - the courage and inspiration alone will make this the best six minutes of your day.

I hope you grow to know more about O.J. Brigance, Chanda Brigance, and The Brigance Brigade Foundation. And it is my hope that you consider this foundation in your Giving Plans. Here's how to learn more about the Foundation:


Twitter: @BriganceBrigade

How You Can Help: HERE


Join me this year and support The Brigance Brigade Foundation!



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