PRESENTATION NOTES: It's Your Talent #ShockTheWorld

We are proud to make available exclusively drJ's presentation notes from February 15, 2020

EVENT: 5th Annual Intentional Leadership Conference (brought to you by the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets)

TITLE: It's Your Talent #ShockTheWorld

AUDIENCE: Texas A&M University (at College Station, TX) Corps of Cadets

SYNOPSISTop leaders do one thing very well - they know their top talents and apply them within their team. In this session, we'll talk finding your talents and applying them within the ecosystem of a team. We'll breakdown how legendary teams make the individual components responsible for success. Attendees will walk away with a plan to deliver their best talents to their team and the world.


BRIEF BIOJennifer “drJ” Thibeaux is an American author, speaker, entrepreneur and performance consultant. She has worked with top Fortune 100 companies, key influencers, and industry leaders throughout her career. Always concerned with "people knowing better so that they can do better", drJ has remained true to her core values of “knowledge leading outcomes”. Through the years drJ has been famously known for her social activist work regarding equity in race, minority business resources, and championing youth outcomes in education. Additionally, drJ has written and published hundreds of works – books, articles, motivation products, psychometric analyses, and video/broadcast shows. drJ proudly supports her Alma Mater, Texas A&M University as a Century Club Endowed Donor. 

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