Playing Offense and Defense

Can you imagine if you played only Offense all the time? You may get the satisfaction of scoring, but you would be totally ignoring the idea that others can score on you (and get ahead of you). Let’s imagine if all you did was play defense….you’d wear yourself down fast. Plus your opponents would beat you because all you’re doing is stopping their progress.

This sports analogy is important because it illuminates the idea that you’ve got to be a great all-around player (or professional….or person…..or friend…or…you get the point). The light bulb turned on in my head when I realized I have been playing defense much more than offense the past few years. Talk about wearing a person down! I’m retired, but tired today. I’ve let myself stop scoring…and guess what….I’m a scorer! If I had to characterize my personality I’m the consummate Point Guard. I have the razzle dazzle….I can see the field….I can attack when necessary…and I can score. I’m scrappy, fast, and serious about winning. Yep Point Guard is my role…and somehow I’ve let myself be a center on defense!

Yes I’m telling on myself…I’m trying to hold myself accountable. I’m rounding that corner to get back to the very best of who I am. Even though I’m retired doesn’t mean I need to be anything less than a Point Guard…..a winner.

I encourage each of you to listen to yourself….listen to your words….watch the signs. Don’t allow yourself to deviate from anything less than the best of who you are – a winner.

Now go and be AMAZING!

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