Performance is an Everyday Thing

I'm going to begin this blog post with the end in mind (I'm playing chess not checkers) - we don't get to be great one day and then take the next day off! I don't know why the fallacy exists that if we just work hard enough we can get to the top, like the top is some plateau of paradise?!?! Our very existence depends on growing and improving ourselves every single day. Life does not stay in some sort of holding pattern if we decide to coast. Life moves on past those coasters and politely pushes them toward the bottom. So much for making it huh?

Performance is Not Unicorns and Bubbles

The reason people achieve in this life is because they continued to push for me. Listen to what I said, because you may have read that too quickly. The reason, other people have achieved in their lives is because they cared enough to push others. Now let's unpack this because performance is symbiotic not antibiotic. I address this In several of my Motivational tracks over the past few months - we MUST consider that our performance impacts others, and others' performance impacts us.

I'm going to put this into perspective - there's this nasty adult playground I like to call the "Unaddressed Corporate Culture". Those who endeavor to perform "sideways" - you know those people who care more about beating down their co-workers than improving themselves - that's a performance antibiotic for the group. As a performance consultant I hate seeing this culture. You have a bunch of people wasting their talents on the wrong things therefore some of the good in the body also gets destroyed. Performance doesn't have to work like that.

Now let's talk symbiotic performance. Imagine a company where everyone walks in the door thinking about how their performance impacts others, and how other's will impact them. Now how do they perform? Performance requires a "No Days Off" approach, because people need growth every single day. People need it in themselves, and they need to see it and be inspired by others around them. Therefore the taking a break, or taking some days off approach is one of the most selfish moves a person can make.

Did I just say don't vacation, and don't ever stop working? 

Of course I didn't say that. Vacations are good. Breaks are good. But don't ever allow your break away from your normal schedule to be a break away from becoming better at what you do and what you do for other people. There is honestly no room for that type of break. That's called checking out and that's just not acceptable. There are very few things in life I deem unacceptable in this world - the unwillingness to improve at any juncture is one of those in my book.

The Rules Require Evolution or Face Revolution
We are built on movement, not stagnant. The world spins, time ticks, and we expect a difference - a furtherance to our causes. When expectation meets disappointment, revolution tends to occur. As an individual, ever had your world turned upside down in what you thought was an overnight fashion? You may have even thought, why did this happen, and more importantly why did it happen to me? If you were thoughtful enough to stay in the moment, you'd recognize revolution was happening (because evolution had failed). 

It happens with jobs all of the time. Employees fail to learn more, advance the company, connect the future to the ROI for the company. Why? Because you were taught to be an assembly line worker? Because it was someone else's job to be the difference-maker? Well, while you elected to stand still, the difference-maker moved forward. Performance doesn't wait for anyone.

Performance is like an entry into Heaven...we all must get there on our own.

It's not a boss' fault that you didn't get the training...go learn. Who is stopping you? We get so caught up in the "woe is me" mentality that we fail to realize we've stopped taking ownership of our own performance and progress in life. No one is stopping you. Not your co-workers, not your boss, not your unfriendly friend circle, no one! When you want to move ahead, you will move ahead, and no one will stop you. The difference-maker for you will be your most important decision in life - decide to perform everyday; decide to improve.

Life is circuitous - what you send around, comes back around!

If you sent that boomerang off without anything fresh and new, what do you think came back to you? Nothing fresh and new. To borrow from U.S. Representative Maxine Waters, we've got to "Reclaim Our Time". Our time is every single second. Performance, our performance can happen and should happen every waking minute. We can be better at what we do, what we think, our decisions, and our outcomes if we choose to make Performance an everyday thing. 

I'm going to leave you with a link to two of my popular Motivational Tracks on Spotify (and everywhere music is streamed or sold):

Track: "The Business of Better"
Single Released in 2018
Category: Spoken Word / Motivation

Track: What Will It Take"
Single from the Album, "No Days Off"
Release: 2019
Category: Spoken Word / Motivation


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