Our Tweets Mean More

These days folks use Twitter like a megaphone to broadcast their position on topics and even life. We post, reply, like, retweet, quote retweet, and pin like it's monumental. You read some people's posts like somehow they believe they've "set the record straight".
Twitter is entertaining. Twitter is not the game changer many hope it will be. Twitter is the #6 social media platform in the social media food chain.
Let's start here, there are just fewer people on Twitter and that means a smaller audience to hear you. Next social media is visual and most rant with words only. When you post with words only, people gravitate to the pretty pictures on the posts, and stop looking at yours.
Let's face it we're not a reading society.
Most users of Twitter have small intimate audiences that either know them personally or are comprised of people who have never met them. When you go "off the rails" on social media, you're not changing the world. In fact you only stand to change your own world. That small intimate group following you will either be more attracted or repulsed by your messaging. Either way, It's a small group and you roll the dice with how they perceive you when you post.
When you Tweet, you brand yourself.
I want folks to stop fooling themselves. You cannot brand someone else on social media through your tweets. No matter how good, bad, or even salacious your commentary is about someone else, it just goes nowhere fast. Most people don't have the power to recreate the wheel. And yet they try (and fail) everyday. To work to "bring someone down" on social media is a complete waste of time for the poster and the readers. Like reality shows, it's entertaining to some, but no real progress is made in life. Aren't we all about moving forward?
Somehow when Twitter gave people the ability to create an account some folks felt they were bestowed the gift of influencing others by the mentions and tags in their posts. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. And it's actually sad reading posts of people who jump on the platform to use it for social fear mongering. I know we have a situation in the States I call Poli-Twitter. That's the ugly marriage of politics and Twitter. I'm not touching that hate with a 10-foot pole. But just because you post something doesn't make it so (about yourself or others).
Becoming an influencer means you have become an authority on a topic or set of ideals. It is not given to you magically. Just like in life, this is earned. While it may seem productive to have thousands of Tweets and Likes, influencing takes time and the right combination of messages. My favorite phrase is...
You are what you tweet dot com!
You are everything your message is. Happy messages reflect you. Sad messages reflect you. Hate-filled messages reflect you. The author becomes the ambassador for the posts.
Before you click on that plus sign ask yourself what message(s) are you adding to the world? You must live with your words. Plan to live it in accordance with your brand, versus the messages branding how you'll live. Something to think about.

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