Not Giving Up On Yourself

There are tons of reasons that people have elected to give up on each other. Mankind is not particularly connected to each others’ success. Sad, but true, we tend to place more energy in fighting then we do in uplifting. The balance of the world however is more good then bad. So how can I make those statements? Believing in yourself is a critical component of success. Successful people have ups and downs. They have times in their lives when everyone gave up on them….that is everyone but themselves. We are only doomed when we fail to believe in ourselves. Sometimes we propose wild and crazy ideas (by other people’s standards). The idea and momentum only dies when you give up on it yourself.
I experienced a moment of connection with self when I was packaged up in an acquisition deal that left me with an offer that was in my eyes terrible. Long story short I was asked to do 5 times the amount of work for the same pay. Huh? Then the new company tried to justify their decision. I spent a very long weekend lamenting over the move. Should I stay or should I go? I eventually had an epiphany that helped me see things clearly. I believed in my own talents and my ability to succeed even at the face of adversity. I needed that rough weekend to dig deep into my archives to remember that I am a successful fighter. As I responded to the obviously confused new employer and justified my own stance, I realized that I was talented, and valuable, and my value and progress wasn’t dependent on that one company. “Boom” I didn’t give up on myself. And it worked out well because I gave myself back the peace of mind that I had temporarily handed over to someone else. I went on to grow as an entrepreneur and leader in my community. I worked with clients based in the U.S. and abroad. I expanded my network in ways that were not available to me had I stayed in “the package”. Was it scary at times…YES! Did some people near and dear to me advise me to stay in “the package”? Yes of course I was advised against my dreams. It all makes sense – it was my dream, not their’s. Pay attention – it was not their dream so don’t expect someone else to value your dream in the way you do.
If I can give any advice to people trying to make it in this world, it would be to never give up on yourself. Your hopes and dreams are dependent on your personal belief. Give your success a chance every single day and you’ll see a remarkable change take place in your life.
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