Making Your 2nd Job Your 1st

It is very common for people to have more than one job. There’s the main job that may include benefits and may cover most of your expenses. And then there is the second job that may cover new expenses, or simply be an “overgrown hobby” that you’ve parleyed into an income stream. Regardless, I hear it all of the time – I hate my “real” job.
Let’s start here first – slavery was abolished a long time ago. Speaking like you’re trapped is talking like a slave.
IF you’ve placed yourself in a position to be a slave to your “real” job because of the income it brings – that’s not your job’s fault – that’s yours.
As the young people would say, “I’m just keeping it 100”. Every single day your employer can tell you “you’re fired”. That means that every single day you have the ability to say, “I quit”.
What used to amaze me was watching seemingly unhappy people in their jobs recommend everyone they knew to HR for employment. Is this job that terrible of a place? Or is the referral bonus the just better? There you go being a slave again to the money. Too many people, great philosophers, even musicians have told us NOT to be slave to money. And there many people are – going to work to a place they “can’t stand” to receive a check they love.
Okay so let’s get back to this 2nd job. If you’ve gotten an overgrown hobby as a second job, why not make that one the first job? Who cares what other people think. Do you know how much happiness and peace of mind is worth?
I’ve had it and have had to recapture it – it’s priceless.
Does it mean you go into business for yourself? Not necessarily. It does mean that you take your talent and apply it to the place that gives you a monetary return – working with a company or for your own company. But it does take action on your part – enough with the lip service!
Here’s the reality. THE MORE YOU ACT STUCK, THE LONGER YOU WILL STAY STUCK. IF you’ve been fortunate enough to figure out a 2nd job that brings you more fulfillment, start working on making the 2nd Job your 1st job! When you're ready to stop sounding, living, and feeling like a broken record is the moment life changes.

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