Let The Grind Begin!

IF someone were to ask me the top personality trait that has carried me through life, I would have to say without a doubt that it is my interest in staying on my GRIND. If that colloquialism is unfamiliar to you  – that means staying focused, being relentless with working toward success, blocking out the naysayers (i.e. the haters), and not stopping until you get where you’re trying to go. Lots of words…I choose “GRIND” (smile).

I grew up watching my family build a good life for me and my brother – but they never slept on their successes. The bar was constantly raised, and the goals grew as their success grew. I saw the same thing with my grandparents. They took on every task humanly possible (and some that seemed impossible) to provide and amass a net worth that benefited our family. That serious work ethic is what has been the difference-maker in my bloodline.

As I embark on new projects, I am tackling this year like no other. I have  a fantastic team I have surrounded myself with this year and we’re GRINDING. I hope you all join us on this journey to get to a new and exciting place over the next 365+ days.

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