Know and Trust the Fighter Within

I want to begin by saying this is not about violence but about your ability to respond and defend yourself against any obstacle or attack – be it physical, mental, or spiritual. I was interested in sharing this true story on the status update in social media postings but realized there was a character limitation that wouldn’t allow me to fully explain.

My Story

One evening about four years ago, I was going to check the mail. My daughter was eagerly anticipating a piece of mail from my mom so she was gently nudging me out the front door to check the mail! The sun had almost set and the neighborhood dogs were having their typical evening barking conversations. As I got to the mailbox I realized that some of those barks sounded pretty loud. My closest neighbors at the time did not have dogs, so hearing barking that loudly was unusual. As I closed my box armed with mail and a couple of huge catalogs, I realize the barking was loud because at least one of the dogs was loose. Unfortunately it was a Pit bull and his ears were pointed up and he was trotting. I stopped to see what he would do. It seemed he was going to go along the side of my house to get into the garage alley. I began cautiously walking to my front door keeping my eyes on the Pit bull. He suddenly stopped, looked my direction and then began heading my way. I walked faster but the Pit bull was going to obviously make it to me faster than I could get into the house. As the dog got close I had a decision to make. The only “weapon” I had was my mail but I was afraid if I missed it would anger the dog and I wouldn’t have enough time to get into the house. The dog was now seven feet away and approaching. I took a deep breath and barked at the dog. YES I DID. I don’t know where it came from because that was not in my list of options in my head. The dog backed up a couple of feet almost looking shocked. I tried to turn back toward the door as it was 4 feet away. The dog regrouped and came back. Now 3 feet away from this dog, I leaned in and barked louder than any dog I had ever heard. My bark echoed down the street and that’s exactly where the dog ran…down the street! I quickly got into the house only to see my daughter wide-eyed and speechless – she was watching the whole thing. We hugged then burst into laughter!
Yes that was some experience! My daughter asked as have so many who’ve heard this story, “what made you bark?” Honestly I still can’t explain it. I had a level of fight in me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve faced obstacles with people and institutions, but never with a canine who plays by a different set of rules.
Here’s some takeaways I got from the moment
  1. Never rule yourself out as the best source of defense against an attack

  2. Know your options and be prepared to exercise them

  3. Use your brain when you face a fight – the best weapon you have

  4. You will never rid yourself of an attacker unless you face them

You know once my emotions calmed down that night I did every sports celebration dance known to man in my entryway. I conquered something unimaginable by using the same tactic on the opponent. Dogs bark at a threat to scare them. The same can be true for human beings. You see bullies and they bark – I want to teach everyone to be unafraid of the bark. Be so confident in yourself that you develop a bigger more opposing bark that don't be afraid to use if necessary.

Trust Yourself

Bullies prey on people who doubt the fight they have within. If you think about it, that’s the only way the whole “bully system” works – the victim must cower in fear or their progress/happiness stopped. How do you stop a bully – know and trust yourself. Know your worth. Know your path. Know who you are and who holds your fate. When bullies pop up others want to help you – I WANT YOU TO HELP YOURSELF. Stand up for yourself – trust that who you are is enough to overcome who the bully is not. Build up your bark – feel good about yourself – and be ready for #AMAZING things to happen for you! #ShockTheWorld


Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux is an American author, publisher, speaker, and entrepreneur. Leading The Thibeaux Company®, drJ hopes to impact human performance in a variety of industries. Working with executives and key influencers in Fortune 100 companies, drJ has developed a keen sense of performance in action. Earning business and education advanced degrees, drJ continues to insert intelligence into the performance conversation. Hosting and appearing on a variety of radio shows, podcasts, and other broadcast mediums, drJ has no "stop" in sight. To find out more about Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux or products and projects from The Thibeaux Company®, be sure to visit

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