How to Create Empowering Goals, part 3

You and Only You Hold the Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential

The truth is, all the power resides with you. If you follow the process of goal setting and implement your plans, you really will see a lot more success than if you just sat back and waited for something to happen. Let’s look at the ways you can take control of your life with goal setting.

Take Baby Steps

Set small goals that you can do and perform daily. Even if they sound too easy or are repetitive, if these baby goals get you to achieve your ultimate goal one day, it’ll be worth it. You may feel silly trying to do a plank for one minute each day, adding 20 seconds each day, working toward a goal of a 15-minute plank. But in the process, you’ll see how small daily actions get results.

Alternatively, what if your ultimate goal was to become a successful YouTuber? What are some daily goals you would set each day to do this? You might come up with a list of content to create, then from that, create a list of activities you need to do each day to produce one video a week. Each of these steps from your list is necessary daily to reach this goal.

Create New Habits

Set yourself up to create new habits that will allow you to reach your goals automatically. Habits are one of your most powerful tools to achieve results because once you set a habit, it’s hard to break.

Researchers say it takes 21 days to make a habit of something. Once you create a habit, you won’t feel like you need to try so hard anymore because it will become second nature to you.

On the other hand, you may have developed some bad habits that need to change for you to accomplish your goals, and that is a little harder, but you can do it by replacing the habit with a good habit.

Have and Foster a Positive Mindset

Change your mindset so you are continually thinking and talking about what you want to achieve, and the good things you’re doing, over the things you don't want to do or can’t do.

Don’t continue to dwell on why you aren't getting the results you want. Even if you make a mistake, learn to move on and stay positive. The more you focus on the negative and what you can’t do, the more likely you are to waste your time and not get anything done. If you have the confidence to continue to do something, ultimately, you will be successful.

Reward Yourself

Ideally, if you are setting the right goals for yourself, you don’t need much motivation to get you to achieve them. However, we all have some rough days and need a little push to keep going.

An excellent way to do this is to set up rewards after each goal is accomplished. Make these rewards something you know you will look forward to. After all, if the prize isn’t so exciting, what is the point? But don’t make the prize something that will sabotage any of your goals. For example, if you want to be healthy, don’t make these rewards about food.

Overall, the objective is to realize that achieving your goals in life is all about you and what you do to get there. Your actions or lack of actions speak volumes. If you don’t achieve your goal, chances are that you are not doing enough to get there. Look deep inside yourself and see what you can truly change about you and in your daily life to make it easier.

Charting Your Progress

While you are setting goals, it is also essential to keep a chart of your progress so that you know you’re on the right path. Charting your progress allows you to stay focused, and it also quickly helps you to identify areas on your path that need improvement.

If you don’t keep track of your progress, you could just be wasting your time. If you don’t chart, how do you know where you are and if you are indeed improving? Also, how will you know if the action you’re taking is correlated to the result you achieve?

Charting your progress allows you to evaluate your actions over time and making sure you are doing what needs to be done to get there. Without assessing your efforts and making changes likely, it’s hard to achieve anything. And you won’t be able to easily repeat your success if you do have it.

Reasons Why Charting Works

  • It’s your accountability system – Charting your progress can be used to keep you accountable for your actions. Providing visuals incites motivation. If you see daily that you are accomplishing something, more than likely, you will continue that streak and not break it.
  • It keeps you motivated – As you see your results each day, and a task gets marked off your to-do list, you will want to continue to do more because you’ll start to realize you are going to succeed.
  • It keeps you consistent – Creating a chart provides consistency because each chart lists the same sort of criteria to follow each day. Doing the work towards your goal daily is the key to success.
  • It gives you a sense of fulfillment each day – Filling out your progress each day will provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose. As your day ends and you fill out your chart, you will see all the hard work you have done to get closer and closer each day to your ultimate goal.
  • It allows you to see and fix bad habits quickly – As each day is finished and filled with information, you will learn over time what habits are preventing you from reaching your dreams. Charting down your accomplishments, thoughts, and feelings each day will highlight areas that need to be improved faster than if you weren’t keeping track from the start.

What to Chart  

  • Goals – Keep a running chart of your goals, big and small. Make sure it is clearly visible and can be edited daily as goals can change as time goes on. Make one list for your ultimate goals and one for goals you can achieve daily. or even are great tools to use for charting goals.
  • Daily habits to achieve your goals – Chart any habits that you need to practice to achieve your goal. Even include bad habits you would like to kick that are preventing you from reaching your goal. Putting these in a calendar that is also shared with your smartphone is helpful.
  • Feelings about your progress – Include a section that allows you to express your feelings about your progress, whether it be negative or positive. Any opinions you have, express them. Get them out on paper or video so you can physically hear and/or see it. It is important to note that while goals should be challenging, they should also be fun and exciting to go through rather than unbearable. If it’s intolerable, you need to change something.
  • Reactions to progress – As you complete each day of action, record your response to it. Did you feel excited that you completed the goals you had for today? Do you feel sad or overwhelmed? Again, this is important so you can re-evaluate the goal. See if after days or weeks of working towards that goal, it’s worth it after all.

Ways to Chart Progress

  • Planner – A great way to keep track is by simply adding it to your planner as if it’s a date. Not only will it be a great resource to look back on, but it will also ensure you accomplish it because you already blocked out the time to do it.
  • Journal – If you love to write, then just use a daily journal or diary. At the end of your day, write down what you achieved and how it made you feel.
  • Video Diary – Start recording at the end of your day any helpful information -for example, your feelings about your goal and why you would like to achieve it. These video diaries could even be uploaded to YouTube to keep you accountable or also find like-minded individuals who could provide motivation.
  • Applications – In today’s vast world of technology, there are several smartphone and computer applications you can download. You can even use Excel to make charts and lists of information to keep track of.


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