Having Discipline

I hate that the word discipline is used as a consequence for bad behavior instead of a regimen of excellence. When you can discipline yourself to work toward progress each and every day, you should never have to worry about negative outcomes.
How do you do that?
  1. Be honest about your goals
  2. Be honest about your abilities
  3. Know when you need help staying on track
  4. Set milestones that give you happiness along the way
  5. Be open to revising your goals when new interests or ideas justify a shift
Easy right? Well it is definitely a work in progress. But that’s where discipline comes in. Work on that progress and be prepared to reach your goals and dreams.
I recall wanting a huge goal - being an Olympian. I was young, didn't know what it took, but I knew it was going to take extraordinary work to get there. In my eyes I needed to work harder than anyone else I knew and that I knew of. That meant adding extra reps and sets into my conditioning routine. That meant showing up earlier than anyone else. That meant leaving later than anyone else. It meant listening to my coaches and all inputs that were designed to make me better. Talent gets you so far, but the mind and your will is what pushes you over the top. IF not for a catastrophic injury, my path to the Olympics would not have been derailed. But what a wonderful set of lessons and skills I developed.
  1. Stay on your guard
  2. Look for opportunities to get ahead no matter how small the action
  3. Absorb everything from all places - learning is a marathon not a sprint
  4. Never let yourself off the hook from your goals
  5. People who don't believe in the possibility of your goals have invested in your failure
  6. As long as the path is clear to you, you'll never stray
Discipline is a character trait that separates winners from losers. You don't luck up on a win - you worked for it. You've got to ask yourself at what time will you decide to discipline yourself toward the big win?

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