Having a Worry-Free Day

Doesn’t the title sound like a dream? I often marvel at children as they seem to operate without a care in the world. Their life is filled with playing, laughing, watching a little tv, and seeing the new episodes of Disney and Nickelodeon shows. Not half bad eh? As we grow older we marginalize any stress we experienced as a child because it pales in comparison to our adult stressors. Sometimes we even forget that we were ever stressed! Funny we long to return to a time that had stress too and we don’t even realize it.
Growing up is tough, and “living up” is tougher. Living up to standards set forth by society, our families, and even ourselves creates a form of self-inflicted stress that eats away at the very fabric of our DNA. Can you have a worry-free day? Sure you can. People who believe in Christianity are heard saying, “let go, and let God!” This too is easier said than done. So you do you live a worry-free day? Well it takes work. Worrying does nothing for the brain, the body, and your progress. All worry does is stop you in your tracks and causes you to not move forward. No one should want to worry. Instead you should be facing your fears and establishing plans to implement to minimize risk. But easier said then done right?
#1 – Write down the things that are stressing you. Yes I mean it. Let’s clear this up. If there is something stressing you it’s important that you take a look at what it is. This will also help you know what it isn’t. I recommend taking a Dry Erase Marker and writing it on your bathroom mirror. It’s important for you to face it literally.
#2 – Determine Control – who controls each of those things? Yes you can’t always control the things around you. But if you don’t clearly spell out what you can and cannot control, you’ll feel as if everything is out of your control. With another color marker write down who can control those things. Remember some things that are happening to you are partially within your control. Again, if you don’t do the work to identify it, you’ll feel more helpless.
#3 – Identify Your Hopefuls – this means the things in your life that are giving you hope. Those things that energize you that make you feel like the best version of you. When we’re stressed we don’t always feel very hopeful – and that’s a fast track to digging a very deep hole for yourself. On that same mirror, write down the hopeful things in your life. Then take a big step back and read all of it OUT LOUD. It’s important for you to hear yourself and see yourself reading beyond the stressors to the better side of your life.
The reality is that you have a choice – you can get to worrying or get to being hopeful. The big question is when are you going to start worrying and start working toward a worry-free day? Let me hear your thoughts.

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