Got Belief?

We are conditioned to follow fashion, follow the leader, and even follow along as children. The idea that we've raised a legion of followers versus leaders is one of my biggest pain points as a performance consultant to adults. By the time I get to an adult, I have to undo what society cemented in all those years.
I learned how to be a parent by example. My teacher was my own mother. It was always important to my mother to not speak gibberish or in "baby talk" but to enunciate! I have so many moments when my mom would slowly speak to me and have me repeat the words E-X-A-C-T-L-Y how she stated them. It was important to my mom that both her children know how to communicate. Hence I carried that forward in my own parenting skills and adopted the philosophy into my business projects.
Train them for the end game, not the now game.
So that explains why I never accepted immaturity in my house. It should also explain my high expectations of clients. I am playing the long game. The only way to play that game is to believe in yourself. Playing the long game when most play the right now game means you will look and sound different. It means that people may become frustrated or irritated with you because they don't understand you. That's okay.
Be okay with others not believing in you
We've got to get past the likes in social media mentality. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will believe in you. And the most important point to be made, you don't need everyone or anyone else's belief to move forward.
You need your own belief to move forward.
That's the part we fail to teach kids and adults - to believe in themselves, and then to lead themselves toward that belief. If what you're doing looks different then others around you, then
  1. you're in the wrong circle, pay attention
  2. you're headed in a direction that will move you, be ready to move
  3. you're poised to follow your belief as your guide, make sure it's solid
We cannot create new possibilities with old and borrowed thinking. To break through requires a break. Sometimes we get so comfortable in our place in life that we settle for the high plains plateau instead of the peak. Climbing and pushing forward will require you to connect to your own belief. When times get hard you have to be prepared to answer,
Why am I doing this?
It is the belief in self that will keep you going. It is your unique vision of your goals and dreams that keep you on the path. You cannot allow an emoji thumbs down to derail you. Set your vision and belief and be unrelenting as you move toward it. When people criticize you, let them waste their time, not yours. EXPECT that people on a plateau will be uncomfortable with your climb toward the peak. Understand it, and keep climbing!

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