Feel the Burn - Motivating Yourself

As with most things, enthusiasm can run it’s course. When engaged with a project, the chances are great that your enthusiasm and interest will begin to wane. So then what do you do? How do you keep moving on to get the finish line? Unfortunately we rarely prepare for this moment. I mean who prepares for a slump? Ever see a batter talk about the slump that hasn't happened yet? And yet when we face that slump, it's a new territory that leaves us baffled.
It’s the kiss of death if that motivation has waned in a job that you financially need. I’ve had that happen. It is the absolute worst! You start that conversation in the morning with yourself trying to convince yourself to get up and get going. When things have been really bad, I’ve had to start the conversation as early as the night before. I temporarily convince myself of devious things like “it’s okay to call in sick”….I mean really, sick of the job should qualify right? Whether we’re sick of things or not, we have to maintain our sanity and focus. Here’s a few tips that I have found particularly useful:
  • Identify what you dislike – isolate the problem
  • Identify what still makes the project okay
  • Attempt to reduce or eliminate the identified problem (if it’s a person, try to transfer, if it’s a project, try to get assigned to another project)
  • Plan something energizing around the day (fun activities tend to be infectious)
  • Talk to someone about what’s happening…it helps to get the frustrtation out
  • Know that this too shall pass…it’s not the end of the world!
I hope these tips help motivate you beyond the frustration of your circumstance. It’s not easy to be out of bliss…but we must work tirelessly not to allow ourselves to remain in a state of frustration. How have you helped yourself beyond this point? Let me hear your thoughts.
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