Fatigue Is Not a Rudder

I'm writing this article a little tired. Yes, I must admit I had to push through this morning. That's par for the course for some people depending on their busy lives. For me, I celebrated another birthday yesterday, and the celebration went past my bedtime! It was all worth it and you only turn 29 once...or in my case, once a year. Seriously though I woke up a little sluggish wanting to sleep in. I wanted to totally change my agenda for the morning because didn't I deserve it? Haven't I earned a little R&R today? That "little drJ" in my head was whispering, no almost shouting in my ear to slow down or just stop. And that "little drJ" made the prospect of changing course this morning quite appealing. I was all set to make bed angels (like snow angels) this morning, when I remembered something very important about "little drJ". It was the "big drJ" who had goals and dreams. It was the "big drJ" who had responsibilities and realities. There's a reason the lesser, smaller version of yourself deviates from the script - IT'S NOT THE REAL YOU.
Fatigue opens the door to conversations with our lesser selves about new outcomes we don't really want.
I get it; you get tired. Life isn't always sunshine and roses. Even if we're happy, sometimes our body is in a perpetual state of snooze. We look at life differently when we're tired. We're less ambitious when we give in to fatigue. We make fast quick compromises that sometimes have long lasting impacts on our goals and objectives. Life is a series of segments that are interconnected. What do I mean by this? We can study for a test day and night for weeks. If we oversleep for the exam, the outcome is catastrophic. The lesson? We cannot allow fatigue to impact the segment that counts - the test.
We don't always know when we're sitting for the exam.
I've lived long enough to recognize that your next level in life is sometimes achieved when you're working the segments. That next level by the way can be up or down please remember that. Just like today, I've had those moments when that "little drJ" was making a great case for me to slow down or do something different than I had planned. I mean it was an all out campaign. And somehow I rejected the deviation and continued on the path. It has been in the moments just following my remaining steady that the breakthroughs happened. When I look back and say, imagine if I would have stopped? Imagine if I would have postponed my progress for tomorrow when the opportunity was in front of me today?
We don't get to pick the day and time of the next level up. We get to pick our drive and determination.
That's an athlete's mentality - push through and get to the other side of the pain. Fatigue is pain sometimes. Pain presents an opportunity to overcome the very thing that is making you uncomfortable to move forward.
The goal is to move forward - no little voice in your head should convince you otherwise.
How do we overcome fatigue so that it does not become our rudder? When you pick the right goals and objectives for yourself, fatigue will never beat your enthusiasm and dedication to your goals. Let me say this again...
The bigger and better your goal is for you, the smaller and worse chance fatigue has to derail you.
You have to look at fatigue like your competitor. Newsflash, fatigue IS competing for your time and attention. Fatigue has it's own agenda. Fatigue wants to beat you. Fatigue appeals to your desires to rest. That's a normal natural desire. Fatigue convinces you that rest can only be achieved by slowing down or stopping. Ever slept in and still felt tired? That's because "rest" is not only a physical state but a state of mind. Rest is connected to being at peace. Stopping or slowing down does not solve your peace with your goals and objectives. Succumbing to fatigue means waving the white flag on your goals. How peaceful will you be once the real you retakes control?
Winning, achieving, and rising must take precedence over slowing and resting.
Tired? I know you're tired sometimes. I'm tired too. We have but one life to live. One day at a time. We get very little notice when our time is up. I'm now the same age as my father when he died. I have outlived my father's father by 3 years. I would have to live twice my lifetime to reach the age my grandmother passed away. You don't know when your time is up. We cannot stop, or even knowingly stumble.
Will slow downs happen? Yes! Will you be forced to stop or reroute? Yes! Don't ever willingly give up on your direction because in one moment of time you were tired. Life's segments are individual, but connected. Connect this moment to the next, and you'll strengthen your own "big drJ" to knock out the "little drJ' in your life. Don't let fatigue be your rudder. There's too much good ahead of you - dreams realized, goals achieved, lives changed.
PS - The shirt I have on says, "Let your faith be bigger than your fears". Speaking my outcomes into existence today and always. Be #AMAZING Cheers!

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