Do You Suffer from Limit Blindness

This is a big topic for me because I seemed to have been born with a cranial flaw.....I don't always see my limits. I'm not here telling you that I don't have any, but by my own self-observation: I act as if I don't. Most people wont admit these things, but as you've imagined I'm not most people....and it's also taken a process for me to admit some of the realities of life and limits.
Ground Zero
So here I stand (sit and write in this case) telling you that the symptom of this condition - "Limit Blindness" is that the person takes on everything! The common phrase is heard, "I can do it." Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you can do it well or even do it well within a reasonable amount of time. I found myself learning how to do everything so that I could maintain the full control of a project. It just made sense, I could be the captain of my own ship. I wouldn't have to wait on anyone else. And I could take all the credit (success or failure). If you know me, I don't plan for failure which means I will just about kill myself to achieve success. Is any of this smart? NO! Is it aligned with the intelligent person I believe I am? NO!
How Did We Get Here?
So why do I, and countless others like me feel it necessary to be a "jack of all trades"? Well I for one, I probably found it both empowering and impressive in the beginning. When my Limit Blindness became more advanced, I rationalized that I was saving money and time (an entrepreneur's favorite things to do). And then when my Limit Blindness became full blown I realized I was taking on projects that were so far off the mark of my core products and services that I didn't even have time for my own products and services! What a wake up call when you realize you've pushed aside most of all of the things you should be doing to work on the things that you can do but only at an average pace.
What's The Cure?
Well, there are a few things that start to heal you, but you have to see the signs. When you realize you're not happy with your work life and you don't have much on the dashboard that excites you, it's time for a change. The biggest thing I did was
I looked in the mirror
People who have attended my live sessions know that I like to give a mirror as a handout. The greatest thing you can look at during a learning process is yourself! I unbundled the symptoms to get to the root cause of my disease. If you don't resolve the root cause, you will find yourself in the same boat again sooner or later. Life is grand when you recover from Limit Blindness. Now the battle is to stay that way!
What's your story? I would love to hear your thoughts about "Limit Blindness"?

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