David, Goliath, and Jennifer Thibeaux

The story of David and Goliath is told in various bibles with versions that vary ever so slightly. The story of the smaller opponent who triumphed over the bigger, seemingly stronger and better person. The story is used to illustrate that when there is a will there is a way.
What would happen if you were written into the story? I’ve gone through the exercise and added my twist. Well actually, I’ve been “twisting” that story for years. I’ve never backed down from the Goliath….as one of my friends jokes with me all the time, “I’m Jennifer Thibeaux Dammit!” While that gives me a chuckle, it is a confidence in my own skill that I don’t worry about the size of the opponent….just focusing on the strategy to win the “fight”.
In my life I've been tasked with taking on a few Goliaths…..oh my it was an intense battle at times. I can tell you there were many weapons drawn (figuratively speaking) before either side waved the white flag. For the Goliaths I've dealth with, too bad they didn't realize my motto – “I Don’t Quit”. They all learned the hard way…..they weren't the first….and I’m guessing if I live long enough….they won’t be the last. When I stand up for myself, I stand much taller than my 5-foot frame. That's my secret sauce. 
Stay steadfast in your convictions and oh yes….don’t be ashamed to keep a sling shot and stone….with the right aim and timing…..it can bring the biggest of them down!
I have my weapons ready…and ducks in a row….LET’S GO!

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