Corporate Lives Matter - Politics at Work

Business was established as if everything under the roof is a cog in a great machine envisioned by the founder. Everything works and functions on time and at least as well if not better than expectations. Never did a founder envision employee downtime as a part of their success – and yes it can happen.
Most employees spend at least 1.5 hours per work day working on something that has nothing to do with their job responsibilities
While downtime and breaks are a necessary reality of retaining well-functioning employees – the quality of those breaks and downtime makes a difference. Imagine two employees – one takes a meditation class for an hour of their work day and the other spends that hour arguing with a co-worker about police brutality in their city; or who to vote for president; or an entire host of trending topics for the day. Those two employees return to their work day with two different possibilities for productivity.
The idea of bringing topics like police and private citizen incidents into the board rooms and work rooms in your company is scary. It may feel like there is no place for that platform. But isn’t there?
Your employees are already talking about the topics.
As a matter of fact, there is not a platform for people to talk about it formally. There is no way to get facts and express feelings. Therefore the unscheduled conversations and sometimes arguments about a social topic take place at some of the most inopportune times to a company at the expense of the employer’s bottom line. Avoid the topic of police and private citizen incidents like race, religion, and politics? I think not. They’ll still talk about it.
Offer a structure to express ideas for a potentially corporate sponsored solution presented to the community
Imagine two companies where one avoided the topic and there was a slow leak of production while the employees continued to talk about it on extended breaks, during their work time, etc. Versus the other company who sponsored forums for change to present viable ideas for change in their community. See where I’m going with this? Turn the negative misplaced conversations that create a slow leak of productivity into a positive and unifying moment where employees become participants to positive change!
I’m opening up my speaker topics to talk to organizations about how to change the course of productivity through participating in a positive social change model. Let’s do this together. It takes strategy, organization, and new leaders to rise. An employer becomes a catalyst for empowerment – let the productivity begin!

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