Branding your AMAZING

If you've followed me for longer than 1-day on social media you know I'm always talking about #AMAZING. It may seem like just something to say but it is much more than marketing fluff.
#AMAZING is an ideal that represents doing something that raises the bar
Whether you AMAZE yourself or you AMAZE others, each and every day you should be raising the bar. I believe every single day that I open my eyes my purpose is to make something better out of the day. Mediocre thinking says it's okay to be the same today as you were yesterday. 
I can confirm that my parents didn't raise that kind of child. As a matter of fact my parents required excellence through effort. The " L" word was the dirty word in our house.. "lazy". I was blessed with two hard-working, intelligent, high achieving, and loving parents. They required what they expected out of themselves. Our unique family worked. It's not that we were good at everything it was that we became excellent at effort. Maximum effort gets you to #AMAZING every time. 
We were not given our todays to repeat our yesterdays
When I wish you #AMAZING it means I hope you're able to use the day to AMAZE yourself/others. Why do I capitalize? For the very simple visual reason... To be AMAZING you are standing out. The text that spells the word should do just that - stand out.

Now What? 

If you subscribe to my perspective of #AMAZING it's time to put a name and face to it. Sure you're the face, but what is your #AMAZING? I think people search their entire lives to figure out what their #AMAZING is in this world. I think we always have our #AMAZING but we just don't recognize it. Perhaps your talent is communication, conflict management, etc? Your first step is looking at yourself and figuring out what you are excellent at being (and becoming). There are all types of books that help us see our own unique brand of #AMAZING. I recommend the Gallup Research based StrengthsFinder 2.0. That tool will illuminate your strengths. Don't stop there! Use a tool like the MBTI® to understand your personality preferences. And finally I would recommend taking the Strong Interest Inventory - an assessment that uncovers the industries and jobs that are best suited for you (given your own responses). You see where I'm going with this journey?
Know your strengths, understand your personality preferences, and clarify your career direction
Imagine knowing all of that information about yourself! It's an eye-opener to learn that level of information about yourself. If you're reading between these lines then you're reading it right - a distracted person is not looking at themselves. In order to determine your #AMAZING, you can't be more interested in other people or events. You've got to prioritize yourself! Make no mistake about #AMAZING - it's a journey one takes for self so that you can improve the world. Self first, world next. This next section is going to wow you.

Who Do You Think You Are?

You can read that sentence in multiple ways. No matter how you read it I want to know, can you answer it? So many people endeavor on a life without being able to D-E-F-I-N-I-T-I-V-E-L-Y (you gather how I'm stressing this word) know themselves. Okay look at it like this. Imagine being given a tool that you've never seen or heard about but you're being tasked with using it. Your #AMAZING is your tool. Learn about it. Know yourself (Socrates said it long before me). The moment you know who you are is the moment you'll apply yourself in the best way.

Goodbye Distractions

When you know your #AMAZING those persnickety things that are out there trying to derail you will become powerless. Sounds too simple. This doesn't mean there won't be attempts to derail you. It means once you know your own brand of #AMAZING all attempts will fail. Those attempts won't be more powerful than your own #AMAZING. Sold on #AMAZING yet? Keep reading.

The Final Piece

You can never be afraid or shy about your brand of #AMAZING. This is the reason the world is drawn to athletes. Scores, measurements, races, games, etc., are all connected to sports. We know who is really good (and so does the athlete) based on performance and results. The athlete has a certain swag because they understand their own brand of #AMAZING. Others reward athletes with their success through scholarships, endorsements, sponsorships, compensation, etc. Everyone is drawn to success. Ever go to a track & field competition (collegiate or pro)? Watch the Track & Field women - they know who they are and what they're planning to do. It's like watching perfect symmetry between talent and self awareness. Now that's some #AMAZING on overdrive! What if we all got up and went to work with that symmetry? When one person does it - awesome. When a group of people are able to do it - community changing.
People can't buy what they can't see
If you've done the work to figure out your #AMAZING brand it's time for you put it out in the universe. Yes your #AMAZING will be tested. It is for that reason you've got to be firmly rooted in who you are. 
So now we're talking about dedicating your messaging in small forms (like social media posts) and in longer forms (such as public speaking). It's time to be consistent with that brand and clear. Audiences like consistency. The more consistent you are with your #AMAZING the more of the right people you will attract into your life; and that's when #AMAZING takes flight! See you on the other side of your #AMAZING.

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