Are You a Side Click?

The title does not have a typo, and it IS meant to get your attention! If you're reading this, it worked. Online content is "King" and "Queen" which means the audience are the loyal subjects. You may be on one page, but the content on the side is so darn appealing. How does it happen? How did it know you were looking at the Samsung HU9000? Yes the power of the internet can be mystifying. And then you realize how Houdini made those tricks happen - it wasn't magic at all, it was technique.

People's Curiosity Feeds the Click

Links online are like vines in a jungle. You can be headed one direction, see an interesting vine and swing in another direction. Funny about the swing, the curious clicker remains unphased by their change of direction - they're pursuing the click. Link trust is a big deal in Marketing and Conversion Analytics. Derric Haynie, the Head of Growth at Rebrandly, points out that the image and the headline is the key to increasing the likelihood that the click will happen. 

We are more than a side click!

A marketer wants to make themselves your main click. They want to become so appealing to you that you stay awhile and read/watch/hear (and of course buy) what they're offering. The quality of the information and the ease at which an end user can connect on the other side of that click is critical.

The system is based on standards.

There are many nefarious characters out there attempting to get you to click for the wrong reasons. Good marketing links will work overtime to build your trust in them. Don't be fooled by the coincidental link that is covering the same topic you're interested in today.

There's a little thing called Remarketing and it is connected to ad services that use Cookies and Tracking files to in essence "follow you around online" and continue to show similar products or the same product you were recently reviewing. Some say it must have been a sign. Reality? It was a big enough marketing budget that caused the event.

There is a complex world out there. Online usage can be a great experience when you know the rules of the road. Remember a marketer is doing their best dog and pony show to sell you their product(s). Make sure when you click, it's the place you want to go to, and it's understood that there was some background help to make it magically reappear.

Let us hear your thoughts! Are those bots following you? Let's talk about it.

-- Staff Writer at The Thibeaux Company® 


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