Are You a Seller or Consumer?

As we navigate life we sometimes get so tangled up that the simplicity of what we’re trying to do gets lost. Each day I’m guessing most people would like to make more than they spend. I’m going to go out on a limb that if people could choose, they would choose to be profitable. Here’s the irony in that statement – each person has a choice. We each are the captains of our own ship. We have the ability to spend (or not). We have the ability to make money (or not).
I choose to break down the category of people into to two categories:
There is no purgatory for these categories. You’re either selling or consuming – period. A company must sell a product or service. They cannot exist without a sale. All of the consuming pieces of the puzzle (i.e. support services like IT) all rely on the idea that a sale will be made. A company that consumes more than they sell will crumble and fold.
I encourage everyone to place themselves in a category. We need to be selling EVERYDAY. We need to be in a position to make money (boundless money) every single day. Let’s stop setting up our fate to crumble and die because we’re spending more time consuming than selling. If you ever ask yourself – why did she sell embellished garments….just know that my garment business supported my desire to be a Seller (and not a consumer) therefore it made sense! I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic again (yes, I am passionate about it).
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