A Good Story

Everyone loves a good story. It doesn’t mean however that the parts in the middle were good. A “Good Story” means the outcome was satisfying to the audience – which very well may be you too! I believe we each endeavor to create a good story in our lives.

Getting to that good story however presents challenges that can wear you down.

So how do you stay energized throughout the journey?

  1. Keep your goals in front of you (visible)

  2. Make each day a stepping stone toward your good story

  3. Keep encouraging friends in your close circle….cast out the rest

  4. Remind yourself that if it was easy – everyone would be doing it….dare to be successful

  5. Continue to love yourself through the journey

I’m writing this post as a total reminder for myself. I need it too! Life is a marathon and often times I approach life like a sprint – short bursts that wear me out fast well before the finish line. Learning to pace myself is my greatest challenge. I’ll get there….we all will God willing.


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